Friday, 20 March 2009

With the GOOD comes the BAD!

Oh my word it’s been a week and half. Now they say you have to take the good with the bad.

Well the bad came today in the form of a rejection from Take a Break, saying, in standard letter form, that my story was not quite what they were looking for. But I refuse to be deflated; nothing can take the shine from my sale of earlier this week. Well perhaps it can a widgy bit – rejections are so horrid, aren’t they?! But I’m going to read through my story, have a bit of an edit, and get it straight back out there – somewhere - anywhere. They can’t keep me down for long!

On a happy note, look at the lovely card I’ve received from Helen.

She sent it because she didn’t want me to miss out on Pay it Forward. I’d previously made a right mess of the whole thing, by shouting, ‘me, me, me’ and then ‘no, no, no.’ I went all to pot, worrying I wouldn’t have enough people who read my blog to Pay it Forward to. What am I like? Anyhow, Helen still sent me this lovely card. How kind of her. Thank you, Helen.

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