Monday, 1 February 2010

An Epiphany

Crumbs, is it really February? Although, to be honest, writerly wise I’m glad to see the back of January! What with the MS coming back, and then three rejections in quick succession from The Weekly News – not a good month, I can tell you.

Kronburg Castle

It was a great month otherwise though. Me and the other half trundled off to Copenhagen for a few days. Freezing and expensive, but totally worth it! We lived on Pringles because everything was so dear - £6 for a cuppa, £10 for a glass of wine, £22 for a breakfast and £30+ for a meal! Still we ordered ‘one’ breakfast to our room and shared it – there was enough food for two, and we even had enough to pack a roll for lunch each! Tight-wads or what? HA!

Copenhagen was magical – as I knew it would be. What with the influence of H.C. Anderson and Shakespeare all around us. I came back half wondering whether to write children’s stories. Or perhaps a modern day Hamlet! HA! Perhaps not! But I did have an epiphany!

The thing is, I’ve spent the last eighteen months wondering which genre to write in – I feel like I’m being pulled in several directions – I’m doing all the pulling of course. But then it came to me, I really want to concentrate fully on Women’s Commercial Fiction – Chick Lit to be more precise! And I’m so loving it; it’s so much fun to write – I have a gormless smile on my face all the time I’m clicking away on the keyboard – It’s great!

So my second novel is now 16,000 ‘happy’ words in – and I will return to Novel 1 shortly and ‘chick-litty-fy’ it!

Of course, I’ll still write my short stories for Womags - as I absolutely love that too! And I’m not saying I will never write any other genre again. But for now, CHICK-LIT is the plan. So we’ll see how that goes, shall we?