Thursday, 23 September 2010

It's About Time!

‘bout time, Amanda. So where have you been? It’s been over a month.

Has it really? Oh Lordy, Lord - I have no excuses – not a single-y one.

Shame on you, girl.

Sorry, sorry. Ooh, do I get a discount for under-usage?

No. So what you been up to?


Just for a change.


Sold anything?

Yes, yes *dances a little – although legs are stiff from sitting writing* I’ve sold a couple of stories to That’s Life! Australia. YAY!

Calm down, calm down. I got wind you had a pile of rejections too...Plus you should probably fade into a corner somewhere, as other bloggers have probably forgotten all about you. But first, tell us about your Novel.

Please don’t ask.

I just did.


Oh come on, we’re all friends here.

Well, I sent the first three chapters off to a nice lady agent who was keen *again* on the concept. But it came right back. ‘Not what I thought it would be,’ she said in as many words. ‘But good luck with it, hon.’

She called you hon?

Well, no.

You’re lying for affect.

Yes, you have to if you want to be famous.

So what are you going to do with your novel now?

Well *clenches fists excitedly* I’ve made HUGE changes. First, I deleted the first three chapters as they can’t behave themselves in front of an agent. Second I deleted a character. RIP Gavin – we still love you and may resurrect you in the future – but frankly, you’re JUST NOT REAL ENOUGH.


I’ve changed it ALL to first person, present – which I’m hoping gives it more depth. And, and, I’m making the supernatural side less *unbelievable* and more *is she really seeing a ghost, or is she going totally mad?* type thing. So watch this space.

And you think that will really help.

Well, who can tell with all the rain we've been having?

You mean the current difficult climate?

Umm – but I feel happier about the novel. In fact, the happiest I’ve ever felt.

So how’s things over at Womag2Weekly?

GREAT! We’ve sold seven W2W stories so far – to My Weekly, The Weekly News, Oz and TAB – not bad for a relatively new group me thinks. But they're a super-duper lot!

Well thanks for joining us, today, Amanda - I’d say ‘bout bloody time, but I was brought up proper.

Well thanks for having me - sorry I didn’t quite catch your name. Poor show on the coffee and cakes though - cheesecake next time, yes?