Wednesday, 16 June 2010

An Award & A Sale

Crumbs, is it June already? So what's been 'appening?

Well, I’m almost there with the novel! Okay so you’ve heard that before! But it’s now printed off and covered in biro and I’m working through it and, and, and...I will get there one day!

Lately, though, I’ve been mainly having trouble with italics. When should we use them? For example would I use them if I said ‘The Radio Times’ ‘David Essex’ or ‘Cadbury’s Flake’? Answers on a postcard please!

Oooh, and I’ve FINALLY cracked The Weekly News. Oh YES! I’m so chuffed as I’ve had so many rejections from them - I’d even set up a separate hard-drive to house them all. I read on WOMAG's blog some time ago how lovely the editor, Jill Finley is – and I can vouch she really is! Guidelines for The Weekly News can also be found on Womag's blog

I’ve been to the BEAUTIFUL Halkidiki, and returned all refreshed and raring to WRITE. Actually, I wrote a little while I was away too. I also read Sue Moorcroft’s new book All That Malarkey and really loved it – a FAB holiday read, would really recommend.

The lovely David has passed on an award for little old me – thanks David. By the way if you haven’t ventured over to his FAB blog, do pay him a visit! I just hope, while accepting my award, nobody will stand in the background looking bored and showing their belly, because I hear Patrick Stewart can get a wee bit uppity.

Okay, apparently I have to tell you 10 things about me. Crumbs. I’m far too boring. But entering into the spirit here goes.

1. I’m obsessive but not compulsive.
2. I love travelling and I’ve been to many countries, but I didn’t fly until the year 2000! And before that I’d only been to France for the day.
3. I’m a born organiser. (see no.1)
4. I worked for six years as a School Secretary in a junior school. (see no. 3)
5. I love poppies.
6. I was accident prone as a child and pretty sickly.
7. My Granddad died in The Battle of Dunkirk
8. My favourite film is ‘Gone With The Wind’.
9. I left school with only a grade E ‘O’ Level in English and a C in Art!
10. I love to write – HA – bet you didn’t know that!

Told you it was BORING!

I’d like to pass this AWARD on to ...






Have a LOVELY day one and all.