Monday, 10 June 2013

Woman's Weekly Writing Workshop

I won't attempt to go into too much detail about this wonderful workshop, as Wendy Clarke and Tracy Fells,  have written excellent in-depth posts, which are definitely worth reading.  But I just couldn't resist mentioning what a fabulous day it was.  

Gaynor Davis is lovely and made everyone feel instantly relaxed, to the point I even read out the beginning of a story.  And guess what, my voice only wobbled a teeny tiny bit.  Gaynor smiled, nodded and said, ‘lovely’ - which I was thrilled about. I’ll gloss over the fact she said encouraging words to everyone.  (Justifiably I might add, there were some amazing writers there!) 

It was an absolute treat to finally meet writers I’ve been chatting to on blogs, forums and over on Facebook over the past five years.  They were all even lovelier than I thought they would be.

The talks by Suzanne Ahern and Laura Longrigg were excellent, and the building itself, The Blue Fin Building in London, was incredible.  Apparently lots of films and TV programmes have used the location.  In fact, I watched I'll give it a year at the weekend and felt sure parts of that were filmed there - although don't quote me on that one.   I know The Worlds End was definitely filmed there.  Very exciting! 

       There were lots of photographs taken, so keep your eye on the Woman's Weekly Website and on their Facebook page   I hope they caught my good side.  By that I mean the back of my head!

Woman’s Weekly is the *only magazine I haven’t managed to sell to – but I’m going to keep on keeping on, and who knows, following this wonderful workshop I might just produce the perfect story for them. Wish me luck!

*By this I mean UK women's mags that carry fiction, obviously.  
Also I've just spotted lovely Patsy Collins's post on this great day - go see! :-)