Thursday, 4 August 2011

I believe in FAIRIES

Okay, I admit it! I believe in FAIRIES - well doesn't everyone?

Those who have been following my blog for some time, thank you, and you may remember here how I promised myself a fairy ornament each time I was lucky enough to sell a story.

Well I didn’t keep it up...and I won’t deny it, just lately short story sales have become a bit of a rarity - a sign of the shrinking market, I keep telling myself. But what if it's down to something more magical? Like the lack of fairy wishes.

So, with this in mind - no I'm not completely barking - well perhaps a bit - I went on a fairy hunt and came across the above very lovely ‘Good Luck Fairy’. And I bought her not only because my lounge is lilac, and she's rather pretty, but because I knew she would bring me some much needed good luck.

Within a day, I had my first spark of luck. My short story jointly won first place in my lovely on-line writing group, Womag2Weekly.

NEXT – I PASSED my English Literature exam for OU A210 – oh yes indeed. Final year, here I come!

And FINALLY (and I’m assuming finally, as luck normally only comes in threes, well so they say - the fairies that is -okay so I am mad.) The Best of British Magazine have said they are going to publish my article on my father’s childhood in London during World War 2. He’s going to be so THRILLED!

Right, best go .... I need to buy another FAIRY!