Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I've Cracked Take a Break!

I haven’t been about much, have I? I'm so sorry! But it’s mainly because I haven’t had much to say for myself! But guess what? I finally have! Oh yes, indeed! After seventeen rejections – yes, seventeen, I’ve sold two stories (both in the same email!) to Take A Break! I feel like I’ve won the lottery, frankly - As it was one of my goals, you see - To crack this seemingly unbreakable magazine! So today I've got to whiz my agreement with Bauer Publishing over – ooh, get me - and send through my stories as attachments. (Thank goodness I saved a copy of each, named 'copy I sent to TAB' or I'd be in a right ol' pickle.)

In other news, I’ve had two stories in That’s Life! Australia – with fantastic illustrations. And if you’re reading lovely Australian Womag Writer – thanks again for sending both stories to me!

I’ve also had a story in My Weekly since we last spoke – with the most beautiful illustration of a mother and baby I ever did see.

Plus, I’ve reached dizzy heights with stories ‘out there’. Thirty, in fact – so I’m a one-woman- story-producing-machine, just lately!

There’s always a bit of bad news when you write, it goes with the territory. And mine is that Lovely Agent turned down my novel for the third time, with more helpful hints on what I’m doing wrong. I think I’ve now edited it to death. It’s a poor shadow of its formal self, and clearly needs bed rest. So I've started a BRAND NEW novel. It’s grittier and not at all chick-lit, and I’m really enjoying it to be honest – and almost 20,000 words in.

Oh, and I must say, I was thrilled to receive this gorgeous award. So a HUGE thank you to Maria and Suzy.

And to end on a HIGH I met up with some of the members of my Womag2Weekly group a couple of weeks ago, in Peterborough. It was so LOVELY putting faces to names of fellow short story writers, and gossiping about the various magazines. I’m sure a few editors’ ears were burning – we only said lovely things – honest!

Added 7.4.11: I must admit I'm constantly overwhelmed by how lovely fellow womag writers are. And I've suddenly realised I never mentioned how thrilled I was when Bernadette sent me her TL! Summer fiction special, with my story in it (hangs head in shame)- so thanks again Bernadette - much appreciated!