Thursday, 26 February 2009

Writing Allsorts

I’ve stopped using my PEN name. Why keep a PEN name if it doesn’t work?

I have to say, it took me ages to pick it. I even asked my Facebook friends for ideas. (Yes, I’m back there –can’t keep away – what am I like?!)

Anyway, hundreds of suitable pen names flooded my status comment box. Well seven. But that’s a fair few for a Facebook status, I’ll have you know! Suggestions included, Billy Biro, Mark Urpen and Peter Parker. And a blogger not far from here suggested I call myself Candy Crayola. NICE! And another advised me to be careful as news of my pen name could leak. HA!

In the past, I’ve submitted short stories in my real name. And I now wonder if I should do the same when I submit my novel. I guess, the main reason I would use a pen name is privacy.
But then I know I would LOVE to see my OWN name on the cover of a novel. Difficult! Gawd, ark at me! But we have to have a dream!

I wonder, in balance, what most writers do.

Anyway, for now, I’ve put my pen names away. And will be concentrating on getting the blinking novel finished.

By the way, you know what this means don’t you? Yep, I’ve changed my blog name AGAIN, this time to ‘Writing Allsorts.’

Welcome to Writing Allsorts! Make yourself at home!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Waiting for Short Story Rejection

The hardest part of writing, as every writer knows, is REJECTION.

When I first started submitting short stories to magazines almost a year ago, I waited, longingly, for the postman, hoping he would bring GOOD news.

I have since learnt; the postman, however chirpy, will rarely bring BAD news. Yes, the inevitable A4 envelope, with a letter saying,  ‘Thank you, but no thank you!’ is much more likely.

So, frankly, I now dread the postman’s visit. Just in case he has an envelope that I lovingly addressed to myself in my very best handwriting.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Twittering On About Facebook

As you may know, I’ve dabbled.

And yes, Twitter was FAB. Messages popped onto my computer screen, giving me an instant high. It was enjoyable, enlightening and sometimes hilarious. Especially, when Alan Carr popped up with his message, ‘I’ve binned my red turtle neck jumper, what was I thinking?’

In fact, it was hard to say, ‘No’ to Twitter. But I HAVE. Yes, I’ve deleted it. ‘Awh,’ I hear you say, and she was having such fun. And, yes I was! And now I’ve lost the lovely, Stephen Fry as my new best friend. Sobs!

But it had to go. ‘I MUST stop procrastinating, and concentrate on my writing,’ she writes a hundred times on the blackboard. I’ve even put my Facebook account into hibernation – But I’ll be back on there before you can say, ‘Jack Robinson.’ Ooh, I haven’t searched for him yet – better reactivate.

On the writing front I’ve been up since 4am, working on my fifth assignment for my Open University course. Oh, and guess what? I’ve had a stupendous idea for novel 2 – which is actually HEAPS better than my idea for novel 1. Isn’t it always the way?

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Writing Reams

As a writer, I've filled many bright, A4 ring binders.

Researched short stories in magazines.

Filled so many gorgeous, colourful notebooks (love that bit!)

Been advised by many a Writer's Magazine

And read more than enough books on the subject.

Crumbs, such a lot of paper... I'm off to the garden centre to guiltily buy a baby tree.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Head's In A Whirl

My head's in whirl. It’s my novel you see. Granted, I’ve never got this far before, and God knows I’ve tried.

I’ve written 29,500 words, that almost make sense. Something of a precedent.

The problem is, my novel has so many layers, like a sky high, creamy, chocolate cake. And frankly, I’m getting myself confused.

So, in the middle of last night I plotted a neat ending for every character. It’s a chick-lit style book, so no loose ends allowed. But now I’m looking at the jumble of words I wrote, and can’t make head nor tale of them.

Perhaps I’ve got too many characters, and too many layers, and I’m eating too much cake. I don’t know?

Anyway, to solve this, I've decided to add yet another character called Anton. (Aunt Marilyn’s toy boy) - Yes, you heard it here first. And Anton's going to tie it all together nicely. Aren't you Anton?

Crumbs.... will I ever get there?