Monday, 23 February 2009

Twittering On About Facebook

As you may know, I’ve dabbled.

And yes, Twitter was FAB. Messages popped onto my computer screen, giving me an instant high. It was enjoyable, enlightening and sometimes hilarious. Especially, when Alan Carr popped up with his message, ‘I’ve binned my red turtle neck jumper, what was I thinking?’

In fact, it was hard to say, ‘No’ to Twitter. But I HAVE. Yes, I’ve deleted it. ‘Awh,’ I hear you say, and she was having such fun. And, yes I was! And now I’ve lost the lovely, Stephen Fry as my new best friend. Sobs!

But it had to go. ‘I MUST stop procrastinating, and concentrate on my writing,’ she writes a hundred times on the blackboard. I’ve even put my Facebook account into hibernation – But I’ll be back on there before you can say, ‘Jack Robinson.’ Ooh, I haven’t searched for him yet – better reactivate.

On the writing front I’ve been up since 4am, working on my fifth assignment for my Open University course. Oh, and guess what? I’ve had a stupendous idea for novel 2 – which is actually HEAPS better than my idea for novel 1. Isn’t it always the way?

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