Friday, 30 April 2010

Peter Kay The Tour That Doesn’t Tour, Tour.

What is it about Peter Kay that makes us feel, even in a crowd of over 20,000, he’s only talking to us?

‘He must have been sitting in my living room or hiding in the dresser, to know so many anecdotes about MY life?’ I thought, as I watched him.

Oh, yes, did I not say? I’ve only been and seen him live! Oh YES indeedy! And before I go any further, I must tell you he was blummin’ brilliant!

So how did it happen? How did I find myself perched in the eaves of Manchester Evening News Arena, last night? Well I’ll tell you... and most of it is TRUE!

It began when Peter announced,‘I’m doing a tour, that doesn’t tour’ at Manchester Evening News Arena. Now I’d been a member of his website since he first mentioned garlic bread, so I was sent an email telling me I could buy a ticket three hours before they go live. I didn’t consider Manchester is three hours away from where I live, but what’s six hours in a car compared to seeing the best comedian of all time - LIVE!? So I booked! Got tickets! YAY! And then he announced other venues, other dates...oh God, there were venues in London, just down the road. Still, I thought, I’ve got a ticket – mustn’t complain!

So the day arrived. 29th April 2010. And we set off. Nan sat in back clutching her multi-pack of Curly Wurlys for the break, a smile bigger than a Cheshire Cat that she was going to see her idol. No, not Peter – Rick Astley, she’d loved him since, ‘Never going to give you up,’ played at her aerobics class in 1987. That was before she had all that trouble with her hip.

Anyway, we set off at 2 p.m. ‘Should be there by six, latest,’ said my hubby, munching on a Wagon Wheel. (There not as big as they once were, are they?’)
It was about 6 p.m. his eyes took on that demon look he gets, letting us all know he’ll kill anyone who says. ‘We’re not going to get there on time, are we?’

But we did! Get there, I mean. One oil spill on the road, twelve traffic jams, a torrential downpour that made visibility horrendous and our youngest asking ‘are we there yet’ on repeat, we arrived five and half hours later. FRAZZLED. Nan jumped from the car, bursting for a wee, and we eventually arrived in our seats just in time to hear Rick Astley melodically telling us he hadn't given up on us.

How, after all of that, Peter Kay managed to make hubby cry with laughter, is beyond me. I was in absolute stitches too, of course – as were the whole audience!

So, if you haven’t got a ticket – and there are any still out there – I’d recommend you get one a.s.a.p!

Keep up the good work, our Peter – you are a little ray of sunshine!

Monday, 12 April 2010

How many Womag Writers are there?

So how many times have we Womag Writers said of late, ‘There’s SO MUCH EXCELLENT COMPETITION out there!’? Well this post is SIMPLE. I’m trying to find out exactly HOW MUCH - although I have a long way to go!

At the moment the list below is FAR from complete – a drop in the ocean of short story writers – but I’ll be updating it each time I get a moment. Plus, rather like a RSPB bird check – I need your help to finish it - Please!

So do please let me know (either by commenting below, or emailing me - address is on my profile) if:

1. You write short stories for Women’s Magazines or know someone who does.
2. Whether you have been published.
3. Whether you are at double star status! (Over 10 fiction sales) triple star status (over 30 fiction sales) quadruple star status (over 50 fiction sales) quintuple star status(over 100 fiction sales.
4. If you would like your name linked to your blog.

Finally, if your name is on the list and you would prefer it not to be - do let me know.

Later addition to this blog post: If you enjoy psychological thrillers my debut novel Her Last Lie (published by HQ Digital/Harper Collins) is out now, with all royalties for downloads going to Cancer Research UK. It can be downloadeHERE   I hope you read, and enjoy it. :o) Thank you.

WOMAG WRITERS (stars represent fiction sales.) * = published.
** = 10 or over sales
*** = 30 or over sales
**** = 50 or over sales
***** = 100 or over sales

If I have your star rating wrong, I do apologise. If this is the case please, please don't be offended and please update me!)

Adam Millward *****
Adrian Magson t.b.c.
Alan C Williams ****
Alex Davies t.b.c.
Alice Parrant *
Alice Renaud t.b.c.
Alison Carter *****
Alison Clink t.b.c.
Allie Loconte t.b.c.
Amanda Brittany*****
Amanda McLellan t.b.c.
Andrew Preskey t.b.c.
Angela Johnson*
Angela Pickering****
Anita Haynes***
Ann West*
Anna Buxton t.b.c.
Antonia Bloom*
Bernadette James****
Beth Anderson*
Bev Maydon t.b.c.
Brenda Joy t.b.c.
Brian Richmond t.b.c.
Cally Taylor t.b.c
Camilla Kelly**
Carey Fletcher t.b.c.
Carol Maclean t.b.c.
Carol Smalley t.b.c.
Caroline Storer*
Carolyn Lewis*
Carolyn Scott*
Carolyn Williamson*
Catherine Burrows*
Catherine Howard a.k.a. Linda Lewis*****
Catherine Howarth*
Cathy Sibley**
Celia Bryce t.b.c.
Celia K. Andrew****
Chelsea Addison t.b.c.
Cheryl Bywater*
Cheryl Rogers t.b.c.
Christina Byrne t.b.c.
Christine Webb**
Claire Baxter*
Clare Nonhebel t.b.c.
Colette Dickinson t.b.c.
Colette McCormick*
Cynthia Chapman t.b.c.
Debbie Santangeli t.b.c.
Deborah Rickard*
Della Galton*****
Diane Fordham****
Diane Parkin **
Dodie Ellis t.b.c.
Dorothy Koomson t.b.c.
Eileen Gilmour****
Elayne DeLaurian t.b.c.
Elaine Everest***
Elizabeth Dale t.b.c.
Elizabeth McKay t.b.c.
Elizabeth Moulder ****
Elizabeth Wells t.b.c.
Emma Canning**
Enid Reece*
Frances Garrood *****
Francesca Burgess**
Francine Lee t.b.c.
Gabe Ellis t.b.c.
Gale Crane t.b.c.
Gail Whiteley t.b.c.
Geoff Bagwell t.b.c.
Georgie Fford***
Geraldine Ryan*****
Gerry Savill*
Ginny Swart*****
Glynis Scrivens*****
Gwen Cremin t.b.c.
Hazel Osmond t.b.c.
Heather Moulson t.b.c.
Heather Pardoe ***
Heather Parker*
Helen Hunt**
Helen Lowry *
Helen Yendall **
Hilary Halliwell****
Hilary Hares t.b.c.
Irene Yates t.b.c.
Isobel Stewart t.b.c.
Jacque T S Smith t.b.c.
Jan Jones****
Jan Wright*****
Jane O'Hare t.b.c.
Jane Wenham-Jones t.b.c.
Janet Marsh t.b.c.
Jean Rowden t.b.c.
Jenna Wallace* Website
Jennifer Bohnet*****
Jenny Roman **
Jenny Maltby
Jenny Robson t.b.c.
Jill Butcher****
Jill Sanderson t.b.c.
Jill Steeples*****
Jo Derrick*
Jo Styles ***
Jo Wightman t.b.c.
Joanna Barnden t.b.c.
Joanne Campbell t.b.c.
Joanne Duncan **
Judith C. Davis t.b.c.
Judith Wilson t.b.c.
Julie Coffin*****
Julie Phillips*
June Crowe*
Karen Clarke*****
Karen Holmes t.b.c.
Kate Blackadder**
Kate Jackson***
Kathleen McGurl***
Katie Carr t.b.c.
Katie Grayson t.b.c.
Katie Payne t.b.c.
Kay Seeley*
Kelly Florentia t.b.c.
Laura Kalpakian t.b.c.
Leigh Forbes*
Lesley Eames t.b.c.
Lily Forester t.b.c.
Linda Mitchelmore t.b.c.
Linda Povey****
Linda Priestley a.k.a. Linda Gruchy*
Linda Sainty t.b.c.
Lorraine Mace t.b.c.
Lucy Alton*
Lydia Jones t.b.c.
Lynne Hackles t.b.c.
Madeleine Purslow t.b.c.
Margaret Rowe t.b.c.
Maria Perry Mohan *
Marian Latham a.k.a. Marian Hipwell*****
Marilyn Fountain t.b.c.
Marjorie Santer t.b.c.
Mary Kettlewell t.b.c.
Mary Keyser**
Mary Simpson t.b.c.
Maureen Brannigan a.k.a. Kirsty Peters *****
Meg Stokes*
Mhairi Grant *****
Nicola Slade**
Michael Bracken*****
Norah Francis t.b.c.
Pamela Kavanagh t.b.c.
Pam Weaver *****
Pat Jeanne Davis *
Pat Posner***
Patricia Findel-Hawkins t.b.c.
Patricia Maw**
Patsy Collins*****
Patti Hales t.b.c.
Paul A Freeman t.b.c.
Paula Williams*****
Pauline Gaffney t.b.c.
Penny Alexander****
Rachel Lovell t.b.c.
Red Morgan a.k.a. Susie Morgan *
Rebecca Holmes***
Rena George**
Rob Nisbet*
Rosemary Brown t.b.c.
Rosemary Gemmell** Web Page
Rosemary Hayes*****
Rosie Edser***
Roxana Robinson t.b.c.
Samantha Tonge****
Sally Jenkins t.b.c.
Sally Thomas t.b.c.
Sally Quilford***
Sam Bacchus *
Sandra Beswetherick t.b.c.
Sara Goodwins t.b.c.
Sarah Duncan**
Sarah England****
Sarah Evans t.b.c.
Sarah Pearse t.b.c.
Sarah Swatridge t.b.c.
Sheila Alcock****
Sheila Corbishley t.b.c.
Sheila Norton a.k.a. Olivia Ryan*****
Sheila McAdams t.b.c.
Shirley Wells a.k.a. Shirley Worrall*****
Simon Whaley**
Simone Katzenberg t.b.c.
Stella Whitelaw - t.b.c.
Steve Beresford - t.b.c.
Sue Houghton*****
Sue Moorcroft***** Blog Spot
Susan Alison**
Susan Sarapuk t.b.c.
Susan Wright*****
Sylvia Murphy t.b.c.
Suzanne Jones****
Tamsyn Murray t.b.c.
Tara Westgate*
Teresa Ashby*****
Tess Niland Kimber*****
Tessa-Jo Stone**
Tia Brown t.b.c.
Tina Burton**
Tracy Fells *
Trisha Ashley t.b.c.
Valerie Bowes t.b.c.
Vivien Hampshire****
Wendy Clarke ****
Yvonne Jackson t.b.c.

Finally thank you so much Lily for this lovely award.

I would like to award it to all the bloggers in Get It Write and Womag 2 Weekly.