Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Okay, I know I’ve probably out stayed my welcome with posts about raising money for Cancer Research by blogging my novels. So this is the last one, I promise-ish.  I honestly, truly, will be posting about other writerly things very soon!  I have plans. Lots of plans.

But I just wanted to do one more plug, to say both novels are now up in their entirety, if you fancied having a read.

THE COLD - a suspense novel with a twist....

Isla Johnson survived an attack by serial killer Carl Jeffery six years ago, which left her psychologically damaged at the time.

Now, after being happy with Jack for three years, things have taken a turn.  An odd university reunion arranged by her first boyfriend; sightings of someone dressed like Carl Jeffery; and who is the mysterious Andy?   Is Isla in danger, or is she losing her mind?

You can read the novel by clicking HERE 

PHOTOTIME – a magical, humorous journey into manhood.

At the age of 23, Isaac’s dad has died, his mum has disappeared in Australia, and he's fallen in love.

He meets Cillian, a man in his fifties, who is on a quest of his own to find his long lost brother.

Cillian teaches Isaac about Phototime – a way of visiting the five minutes after a photograph was taken – and the unlikely pair set out on a comical, magical adventure that takes Isaac on a journey into manhood.

You can start reading the novel by clicking HERE

You are very welcome to read for free, but if you read and enjoy (or even if you don’t J) and would like to donate £2 to Cancer Research that would be blummin’ marvellous.   My Just Giving page can be found HERE or on the novel blogs.

Thank you to all who have already given, and to those who have been so brilliantly promoting my venture. You are ALL fantastic.As the post title suggests, I’ve already raised £277 so far, which is brilliant. WHOOP!

And thank you to Helen who invited me to guest post on her blog HERE and Maria who invited me to guest post HERE and Teresa who shared my venture HERE.  I very much appreciate your help, ladies, THANK YOU.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Who invented blogging, and has it died a death?

Apparently a young man called Justin Hall created the first blog on in 1994, and he called it his personal homepage. Online diaries and journals have been about since around that time. Of course, they weren’t known as blogs, but it was the start of blogging as we know it.  

The blog was independently invented by Ian Ring, in 1997, and lots more on the evolution of blogging can be found HERE

My own step into blogging came in 2008, when I set up another blog in the name of Annie Bright, and talked about my dream to have a story published one day. 

Annie Bright
Eventually I sold a story to My Weekly, and came out of the Annie Bright closet and said who I really was – and I’m glad I did, as I made so many super friends through blogging.

I moved here in 2009 and blogged manically for a few years, before joining Facebook, like so many other bloggers, and ended up neglecting my blog – but I do sometimes miss those day, when writing and blogging was shiny new.  And I have wondered, since I ventured back into the world of blogging, whether it’s not what it once was. It is extremely quiet compared to how it had once been.

I suppose people live such hectic lives, so Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vlogging and the like, get our points across so quickly.

But you know what? I still think there’s a place for blogging, and there are still some fantastic blogs out there for writers and just about everything else.

Like Womag’s Blog – which was started by the lovely Kath McGurl, and is now run by the equally lovely Patsy Collins. Both fabulous writers.  It was definitely my go-to place when I started writing short stories for women’s magazines, and I still pop over as it’s updated regularly by Patsy. And I'd really recommend it to new writers.

Of course, if blogging didn’t exist *my novel The Cold wouldn’t even have a storyline, as many of the chapters are written as a travel blog, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to blog my novels at all.  And I've been in a super-lovely private blog since 2010, where writer friends post stories and generally chat about this and that, and that's all thanks to blogging.  And actually, you know what, I do quite like the slower pace here in Blogland.

So here’s a huge thank you to Justin Hall and Ian Ring, and everyone else involved in making blogging possible. Blogging still has a huge place on the internet and is still alive and kicking in my book. I still have a soft spot for it, and think I always will have.

*Yes, I did mention my novel again - sorry!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Novel blogging, The Cold...a mystery thriller.

As you may know, I’ve been blogging my novel Phototime for a wee while now, and more recently you may have noticed I’m trying to raise money for Cancer Research in the process. 

Well the thing is, I’ve decided to blog my mystery/thriller THE COLD too, to hopefully raise even more money for the same charity, by appealing to those who enjoy that genre.

I was going to attempt to get The Cold published traditionally, but I’ve actually reached the end of my novel writing road. It's tough out there. You really do need a cast-iron skin, copper-bottom trousers, and springs in your shoes so you can keep bouncing back.  I haven't got any of those. I don't even know where to buy springy-shoes or copper-bottom trousers - so how I've kept going for almost ten years is a mystery.

So the day has come to call it a day, and concentrate solely on my short stories.

But what's rather grand about me calling it a day - other than I won't receive any more 'nopes' in my inboxis that, going by the success of raising money for Cancer Research by blogging my novel Phototime - £252 raised so far (THANK YOU!) I may 'hopefully' raise even more money for a cause that is close to my heart.  

SO that's exactly what I'm doing.  

I'm blogging both my novels. The Cold HERE, and Phototime  HERE to raise money for charity HERE.   (Too many heres?)

My hope is that some people who read one or both of my novels and enjoy them, might want to donate £2 (£1 per book.) Although I do feel that's quite a lot, but sadly £2 is the minimum donation on the Just Giving page. There's no pressure to donate, of course. 

The reason behind my...madness? brainwave? loss of plot? brilliant idea? it what you my sister has been battling terminal cancer for three years, and I often feel at a loss. But by doing something proactive in trying to raise money for Cancer Research feels like I'm doing something, at least.

As I say, there's no pressure to donate, please do just whiz over and read the books if you would like to.  There are 23 chapters up so far for Phototime, and 4 for The Cold at the moment, but I hope to get all the chapters up at breakneck speed. In fact, I've just noticed smoke coming out of the end of my fingers.  

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

More Phototime Chapters

For those lovely people who are reading PHOTOTIME, I've just added three more chapters - HERE. 😊

And here is a taster of Chapter 3.

The man’s cropped dark hair was flecked with grey, and he was wearing a short-sleeved checked shirt that gaped around his stomach, and squeezed his upper arms. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his bright green shorts and rocked back on his flip-flops.
‘I’m looking for Kate O’Donnell. I’m her son,’ I called.