Thursday, 3 April 2014

In the Kitchen with a Knife by Susan Wright.

Well, hello there!  Long  time no blog post!  Yes, yet again I’ve been a dreadful blogger.  In fact, I think I might be a tortoise, as I tend to hibernated during the winter months – when my cyber-socializing grinds to practically a stop – and then I’m on go-slow for the rest of the year. 

But all that’s going to change – and what better way to start by announcing the launch of a lovely writer friend’s debut novel.

Susan Wright has sold over a hundred short stories, and today, In the Kitchen with a Knife  -  such a brilliant title – goes on sale.  Her book can be downloaded on Kindle HERE at Alfie Dog or HERE on Amazon.  Or the paperback is available to buy from the same outlets.

Susan is chatting today with the lovely, Suzanne Jones on her blog HERE.  So do whiz over and say Hi.

As for me, well I still haven’t YET plucked up the courage to do anything exciting with my novel – so we’ll quickly skip past that subject.  But I did sell my 65th short story this week – which I’m delighted about.  It never ceases to thrill when I receive an email from a lovely editor who wants to buy one of my stories - and, yes, I do still dance around the room and squeal a lot - making my dogs bark!

Right, I think that's about all I've got to say for myself - not a lot after almost four months. But maybe when I get this novel of mine self-published...