Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Settings in 'Her Last Lie'

It was great fun including places I’ve been to, and the area where I’ve lived all my life, in my debut psychological thriller. I  enjoy conjuring up fictional settings, but to describe places I know so well, was a real treat.

My main character, Isla, travels by train into Letchworth Garden City Station at the start of the novel. 

Her apartment and a restaurant are fictional, but she does take a walk along the very real Greenway, and the park is based on Howard Park.

There's a scene where Isla visits Hitchin Market, and sits by St. Mary’s Church and the River Hiz. (Something I’ve done many, many times.)

The church in the scene set in Baldock, is based on St. Mary the Virgin Church.

There is also a scene set in Hunstanton, a place I visited often as a child, and somewhere I’ve taken my own children.

Me in Narvik

Further afield for Isla, she travels to The Blue Mountains in Australia, Abisko in Sweden, Narvik in Norway, and there are various scenes set in Canada.

Her Last Lie can be downloaded on ibook or ebook, with all royalties going to Cancer Research UK

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At the moment, I'm writing my second novel for HQ Digital, and crossing my fingers I can come up with some equally lovely settings.