Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Woman's Weekly

It’s like *Rejection City* around these parts. Three stories that had been with Woman’s Weekly for over three months all winged their way back over the last few days. That’s a grand total of 17 rejections.

My road to Woman’s Weekly has been bumpy. It was around my eighth submission I got my hopes up. On the 17th March 2010 at 11.23 a.m precisely, after four months with Woman’s Weekly, one of my stories came back with a lovely letter saying they liked my writing and would like to see more of it. Although they added that –sorry, it’s a ‘NO’ this time, I still danced a little. Well wiggled my head in excitement. I thought I’d finally got somewhere. But since then it’s been rejection after rejection.

I was even more frustrated this time, as the stories came back in a different order than how I sent them out. Talk about give a girl false hope.

I refuse to give up, though. They don’t get rid of me that easily! Perseverance and determination is the key. I just wish I could find the blinking door.

In other news:

Novel: I’m galloping along with my new novel and loving it; hovering presently at 25,000 words. I’m convinced I learnt a lot from writing FMIAB and I’m hopefully not making the same mistakes with my new novel, although time will tell. The biggest difference is I have my plot summarized chapter by chapter, whereas I let FMIAB lead me. It’s making a huge difference.

A210 Open University: My Approaching Literature course is drawing to an end. I've completed my assignments and have a 3 hour exam to do. I should be revising right this minute, but seem to be continually finding things to do to avert it – hence the blog post! Next year is my final year – and then I’ll be in proud possession of an English Literature Degree – well that’s if I pass the scary exam!

Bye for now x