Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bits and Stuff

Have you seen that advertisement in cinemas fighting against piracy?  HERE it is if you haven't. Well it reminds me of my blog.  Obviously the fact that it isn't frequented like it once was, rather than any pirates being among the readers, you understand - although I wouldn’t mind the gogeous Johnny Depp dropping by.

Anyway, I thought I’d resurrect it, blow away some of the cobwebs, and say HI!  *WAVES*

I have got things to report.   Good things.  I DID crack The People’s Friend – oh yes indeed - and my story should be out any time soon, which is VERY exciting.   And I DID tip my Short Story Sales over the 30 mark – and today SOLD my 33rd story!  It was a much needed boost, I can tell you.  There have been some self pitying days in my writerly world of late.  Days when rejection after rejection plopped through my letter box. I would have cried if it wasn’t that I’ve developed the hide of a rhino where writing is concerned. OK, I cried.  

On a positive, I’ve got a new puppy.  Here she is, looking like butter wouldn’t melt – let me tell you it does.

And, whoop!  I’ve finished re-writing NOVEL 1, and feel, for the first time since the idea was born, very happy with it - it’s time to cut the apron strings and see what happens.    

In other exciting news, the very lovely Karen Clarke’s novel: My Future Husband

has been published in Germany.  It’s a fantasticly, funny novel – and I wish it every success!

And the equally lovely Suzanne Jones' - writing as Suzanne Ross - pocket novel Trust in Me is due out this week, I believe - can't wait to pick up my copy!

So that’s a quick catch up.  Hope you folks are all keeping jolly well.