Monday, 9 March 2009

18th Birthdays and Slug Commentary!

My youngest turned 18 yesterday! Crumbs, that came at me when I least expected it! So that means I’ve got no children left! Awh! How did I let that happen?

Over the next two days I’m devoting my time to explaining away my slug story in a 750 word commentary. That should be interesting. Although I’ve got to a point where I actually understand it myself – so that’s something I suppose. Oh, and I let my husband read it – yes I am quite mad! And he said that it had left him thinking – He meant it in a good way - I think!

I’ve written over 36,000 words of my novel – but I’m at that stage where all the characters are getting on my nerves. I think I’ve spent too much time with them. And it doesn’t help that I’ve got a better idea brewing. But I’m determined to carry on – so I can actually say I’ve written a novel!

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