Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Bit of Culture

I went to London yesterday to see the incredible play, ‘The Woman in Black’.

Adapted for the stage by Stephen Mallatratt, from Susan Hill’s wonderful, gothic horror novel, it truly kept me on the edge of my seat – well actually that’s a lie, I slunk further and further down in my seat in case the ghost got me.

My tutor recommended the play when I was attempting to write my own fifteen minute stage play for the Open University. And although I was pleased enough with my result, I now realise, after watching The Woman in Black, how pathetically mediocre my own play in fact was.

The play was a great example of less is more, and shows, if people are left, in part, to their own imagination, novels and plays work tremendously well. And all kudos to the actors, who performed brilliantly.

Oooh, and then I went to Cafe Rouge for steak and wine after – yummy.

I’m going on-line later to book Wicked, recommended by Tam. Oh, and I’ve seen Derren Brown has just opened bookings for his show, Enigma – me thinks I’ll book that too!

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