Monday, 23 September 2013

A Stitch in Time – The Suffolk Coast

My head had been spinning a fair bit of late - what with one thing and another.  We all have those moments, don't we?  When life can be a bit difficult and you just want to run and hide.  No?  Just me then!?

So what to do about it?  

Well, as my mother always said, ‘A stitch in time is worth its weight in gold.’

So...I’ve been busily repairing the torn fabric of my psyche in Suffolk.  A place that is fast becoming my wee sewing box.

We stayed in Aldeburgh at The White Lion Hotel, which has an almost bygone-year feel about it (although with all mod-cons and a super chef)  In fact, I indulged in parsnip and apple soup for the first time ever, and found it to be delicious. Aldeburgh has some gorgeous, quaint little shops, and people come from miles away for their fish and chips - which I can vouch are superb!  Aldeburgh, apart from said fish an chips, is probably best known for its links with its famous resident: composer Benjamin Britten.

We trundled to Southwold – which is well known for its multi-coloured beech huts and smashing pier, and then on to Snape Maltings - a tourist centre with shops and walks along the River Adle.  Beautiful! An interesting piece of trivia is that J K Rowling named her character Snape after the village.

We also took some wonderful walks across Dunwich Heath in Saxmundham. The peace and quiet was truly breathtaking.

So all in all I’ve come back refreshed. My head now clear.  

I'd highly recommend it!


Writerly-wise, I'm hoping to get back on track!  And I'm certain Wendy Clarke's excellent date of birth calculator V2 will help.  It's SO clever and can be downloaded HERE


Patsy said...

Looks like the perfect place to unwind.

Amanda said...

It was, Patsy. I'm feeling almost normal again - whatever that is! :-)

Wendy's Writing said...

Thanks for mentioning my date of birth calculator, Mandy. I am at present in the Peak District - hope I will come back as refreshed as you

Teresa Ashby said...

Sounds like you had a lovely stay, Mandy - it did you good! I do love the Suffolk coast - just the place for battery recharging :-) x

Amanda said...

My pleasure, Wendy - I've already put it to good use! How lovely to be holidaying in the Peak District - another wonderful place. :-)

Yes, Teresa - it really is a great place to recharge those batteries - we were only there for a short while, but it was just enough :-) X

DAB said...

love the beach image :-) Keep smiling now Ms Allsorts :-) TFx

Amanda said...

Thank you, TF - good to see you :-) X