Thursday, 2 April 2009

49,000 WORDS!

I have written 49,000 words of my novel. Good, yeah?

I have a beginning, a middle and an end. And I have written the final chapter!

I have nothing more to add to my actual plot-line and I have no more characters to invent.

HOWEVER – This is what I believe a tutor would say about my work:

-Some of your chapters, Amanda, are merely a paragraph long – This occurs especially after Chapter Seventeen – and really isn’t acceptable.

-Your descriptions, as a whole, lack lustre.

-Your speech needs to be interspersed with descriptive prose.

-Show don’t Tell!

-Your characterisation needs lots of work.

-BUT – Amanda, this can only be a good thing, because the finished product needs to be around 80,000 words.

-Now get your head down and add 30,000 more words. And while you’re at it stop procrastinating!

Right, off to write some more, Sir - Would you like an apple?!

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