Saturday, 11 April 2009

Novel 2, and The Incredible Shrinking Word Count

Now I may be a little on the crazy side, stop sniggering TF! But I’m going to make a start on Novel 2. YES, I know I haven’t finished Novel 1 yet!

But the thing is you see, the ideas for Novel 2 are jumping up and down inside my head saying, ‘write me, write me now!’ And I’m so worried that while I’m boosting the word count of Novel 1, all the creativity I’m feeling for Novel 2 will disappear.

Ooh, and talking of boosting the word count of Novel 1. Well, I’m NOT. In fact, Novel 1 is shrinking. It’s fine though. I think! I’ve just re-drafted to zap all those pesky ‘thats’ as advised on this great post at The Blood Red Pencil.

Right, I’ll just pop another one of Leigh’s word counters on my profile for Novel 2. And then I’ll nip off and write both novels to completion - in the words of Tommy Cooper, ‘Just like That!’ HA!

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