Monday, 30 December 2013


Wendy Clarke has very kindly included me – linked me, if you will – to the blog chain thingy - and here are the questions that I have to answer.

What am I currently working on?
 I confess to pausing from writing for three whole days over Christmas, but I’m now writing a summer story. There’s nothing like planning ahead.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
At the moment, I don’t think I write in a specific genre. Well I certainly don’t for short stories.  That’s why I absolutely love writing for women’s magazine.  It’s an opportunity to explore so many genres – and have such fun doing so.   I’ve sold ghost stories, love stories, twist in the tales, the odd murder mystery– and I even sold a science fiction story to one magazine.   Although, obviously the magazines have different requirements:- The People’s Friend, for example, wouldn’t accept a ghost a story.  

Novel-wise, genre is my fall down.  I’m the first to admit that I’ve jumbled genres in my novels - and I’m sure it puts agents/publishers off as they can't successfully market it.   In 2014 I hope to put this right!

Why do I write what I do?
See above J

How does my writing process work?
Sometimes I’m VERY lucky, and a story will come to me almost fully formed – and oddly, they seem to be the ones that sell quickly.   Other times, a story will need a thousand re-writes – and I often feel like throwing my pens out of the pram - but I’m lucky to have a wonderfully supportive writer friend who always picks up my metaphoric pens for me  – and I’m also part of a super critiquing group.  I would definitely recommend both.

I tend to set myself goals and deadlines - a chapter a week – a story a fortnight, that kind of thing.


The lovely person who will be the next link in the blog chain thingy is Karen Clarke who will be posting their answers to these questions on 6th January.   

Karen Clarke has had over 200 short stories sold to magazines. Her novel My Future Husband was published by Random House/Goldmann in Germany and Put a Spell on You will be published by Constable & Robinson in 2014 as part of a 3 book deal.


Finally I would like to wish you all a VERY happy and healthy 2014!  (When I will be blogging much more often – obviously)


Wendy's Writing said...

Thank you for becoming part of the blog chain thingy (for a few days my post title read 'Bog Chain Thingy' but either nobody noticed or were too polite to say!) I had over two weeks off from writing (too many people around) and am now worried I won't be able to do it.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Good luck with all your writing allsorts.

I'm not sure whether writing for a market suits me, though it obviously works well for others. I tend to write the story I want to write and then worry about placing it later. Of course, that may mean it goes nowhere, but I'll still have had fun writing it.

ps. Wendy: LoL.

Sue Blackburn said...

Only three days off over Christmas? Guilt feelings galore here then!! But had a wonderful time with family and friends so not really.

Happy, healthy New Year - you write allsorts, and sell allsorts (stories not licquorice!) and they are brilliant - and may you have even more success in 2014 :o) xx

Amanda said...

HA HA – that’s so funny, Wendy! :-) Mmm, about those three whole days off … I may have misled people a tiny bit there. Writing done over a fantastic festive period was often story ideas sprung from funny or interesting conversations – oh, and I did update my Facebook status twice - that counts doesn't it?

Thank you, Captain! You too! Good luck with placing your stories. I have written a fair few that I wouldn’t know where to send them – but I believe if we enjoy writing them, they are always worth it!

Awh, thank you so much, Sue! Your stories are fantastic and I'm certain 2014 is going to be a brilliant year for you. I can feel it in my bones! (Oh and see above about my days off – note to self – must not exaggerate on blogger).

Have a great 2014 all!

Karen said...

Definitely nice to have a few days off from writing and recharge your batteries, and I'm sure you'll be back and selling very soon. A deadline definitely helps :o)

(Wendy's comment made me giggle!)

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Gosh you're good - three days off. I've taken most of December off :0)

Fab post, Mandy. Looking forward to Karen's.

And I didn't notice Wendy's Bog Chain when I read hers :0)

Happy New Year. xxx

Amanda said...

Yes, a break to recharge the creative juices is always a good idea. And thanks for the vote of confidence, Karen. :-)

Mmm, about those three days, Suz - they were probably more like ten if you don't count mini notebook notes. *Chuckles*

Happy 2014 xxx

Pat Posner said...

Great post, Mandy.
I noticed Wendy's Bog Chain BUT I thought she'd done a play on words on purpose *shakes head*.

Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours (that means the pooches and pets as well)

Amanda said...

LOL, Pat re: Wendy's possible play on words. :-))

Happy New Year to you and yours - and that goes for Tim and Ted too!

DAB said...

Happy New Year Ms Allsorts :-) TFx

Amanda said...

Have a great 2014, TF xx :-)

Wendy's Writing said...

Of course it was a play on words! (If only wish I was that clever, Pat!)

Georgina Troy said...

I'm just catching up with the blog chain - always behind the times!

Happy belated New Year to you.

Amanda said...

Same to you, Georgina! :-)

Unknown said...

Brilliant post, it's good to see how others write. Great questions and informative answers :)

Amanda said...

Thank you, Mishka! :-)