Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A History of Hitchin

St. Mary's Church, Hitchin
I’ve been procrastinating since I uploaded the chapters of my novel HERE. (Did you see what I did there?) And, while down with procrastination-itus, I’ve created ANOTHER blog.  

OK, I'm guessing you’re going tell me I’m a blog addict. That I’m stealing all of Blogger's domain names.  Well that’s enough name calling, thank you very much. Google very kindly told me I can have 100 blogs if I want, so be prepared.

Anyway, my brand new blog is about Hitchin, the town where I grew up.  It’s called, ‘Hitchin through the years’ and if you know of the town, or just interested to see where all the domain names are disappearing to, do pop over and visit HERE.

I've always had a love for local history, and some may recall this POST, where I mentioned the local history book 'wot I wrote' on the Hitchin school I attended, ‘Hats off to the Past, Coats off to the Future – a history of Wilshere-Dacre School.   The thing is, I recently saw a secondhand copy of MY book being sold by a bookseller for £65.00.  Jeez! Well, I  thought, I’m not having that.  I’m going to upload it onto Kindle – oh yes I am.  Trouble is, I’ve been looking into how to upload onto Kindle on my post on one of my other blogs (I know) HERE.  But, truth be told, the thought of uploading a book with images is pretty daunting, even more daunting than uploading a novel.   But that's my next project, well one of them, once I'm over my procrastination malady.


Karen said...

You can never have too many blogs in my opinion, especially if they're all as lovely as this one :o)

I love reading about the history of places, but have to draw the line at paying £65 :oO (Though I'm sure it's worth every penny!)

Amanda said...

Awh, thank you, Karen. :-)

£65 is a bit ridiculous, although I wish I'd had another 1000 copies published now!

Wendy's Writing said...

Would like to help you with the uploading but...I haven't a clue!

DAB said...

I thought at first the new blog was called the "History of Itching !" ;-) I'm pretty sure you can download an ebook that tells you how to load up and self publish an ebook. Blimey does that make sense? I confess, to having twenty plus arty farty blogs. I'm have therapy for this affliction! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I have a couple of blogs Amanda, no I lie, I have a travel blog, a tarot and palmistry one, a writing one, and a blogspot one. I have some catching up to do, it's all good fun though eh?

Patsy said...

I was going to say uploading to kindle is easy - then you mentioned images. That makes it trickier!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Oh, how exciting :0)

Love your chapters and can't wait to buy your books for my kindle.


Amanda said...

It all looks quite tricky, Wendy. Although I think without images I could just about manage it.

Ha Ha, TF – 'The History of Itching' Now that would be something to write about - I'll set up a blog right now. I’ve just been over to Amazon and found a book to download for free, so thank you. :-) You will have to let me know how the therapy goes, so I can try it. I had weaned myself off blogging, as you know…but I’m back to my old tricks again…although it’s good to be back! X

It’s good to know I’m in good company, Sue, with my blogging addiction. Yes, all good fun! :-)

Mmm, it’s the images that worry me, Patsy. (Ooh that sounded a bit like I’m going crazy and seeing images – I’m not – really I’m not!)

Awh, thank you , Suz XX

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Amanda .. good for you - the energy required for one blog makes me struggle at times .. so more than one -well that would put me behind bars!

But recording your history of Hitchin as you obviously know it so well ..

and then your book - that's amazing - yes I can quite see you'd like to have printed up a few others!!

There has to be a way to put it on Kindle .. good luck with the process ..

Cheers Hilary

Amanda said...

Thank you, Hilary. :-)

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Off to have a look at your new blog :0) xx

Amanda said...

Thank you, Suz! :-)) XX