Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Reality Blog

The lovely Karen Clarke from Get On With It, has given me an ever-so lovely Reality Blog Award.   The REALITY, in actual fact, is that I haven’t updated my blog in yonks, and I certainly don’t deserve any such award – but it was very lovely of her all the same.  And in actual fact, I'm hoping it will give me the necessary kick up the backside to start blogging again. 
Accepting the award involves me answering some questions and nominating more bloggers...simples!

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

I would change the minds of any editor who was about to send me a rejection.
If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

I’d never go back.  I feel with every age I’ve learnt a little more about life.  If I returned, I would lose all of that. (How profound is that?)

What one thing really scares you?


If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be?

A character in Midsomer Murders – preferably not the victim.  

Ooh, that was FUN!

I would like to nominate ‘EVERYONE’ who is reading this blog post, as I so appreciate that you're still reading my bloggy blog - thank you! X


Wendy's Writing said...

Candyfloss??? I won't accept as I handed the award to Karen who handed it to you!

Deborah Carr said...

Great answers, although I'm not sure if I've ever come across anyone who's scared of candyfloss before. x

Patsy said...

Candyfloss scares you? There must be a story behind that.

Amanda said...

Ooh, isn’t everyone afraid of candyfloss? All that sugar eating children’s little teeth – what could be more scary? No, you’re right, I’m not afraid of candyfloss! My scariest thing is being in a car with a driver who brakes too late and speeds too fast! Thanks for commenting Wendy, Patsy and Debs X

Teresa Ashby said...

Congratulations on the award :-) I'm not scared of candyfloss, but I am of the pain it causes my sensitive teeth and the wasps it attracts :-)I used to love watching them make it at the fair!

Agree with you about the scary drivers :-) x

Sue Blackburn said...

Congratulations on fabulous answers Mandy! Horrible being in a car with a driver you don't trust - very scary. Ooh I'm with you there, Teresa. I could watch them make candyfloss for hours. Fascinating. I remember I wasn't allowed it often and I thought I was very deprived!! :o) xx

Amanda said...

Thank you, Teresa. Yes, I used to love them making candyfloss at the fair too - maybe there's a story in there somewhere! X

Thanks Sue :-) You should go to the fair and have yourself a candyfloss now! - Ooh, I've most definitely got a story coming on! X

Kath said...

What about toffee apples? My memories of fairs in Bolton are slightly different as we used to have black peas. According to my mother (who came from Yorkshire) they were basically pigeon food and they were steeped in vinegar and absolutely delicious. There was a big tent serving them and people used to go back time and time again to have their mug refilled.

Amanda said...

Ooh, yes, Kath, I loved toffee apples. My aunt would make them for us when we were children, and I'll never forget how yummy they were.
I've never tried black peas - they certainly sound different!

Edith said...

Yes yes it's the wasps...oh dear, they terrify me! I go pale and start shaking...maybe it's time I received some hypnotherapy! :0 Love your answers Mandy! :) Edith xxx

Amanda said...

Ooh, I know what you mean about wasps, Edith. I used to be more frightened than I am now, flapping and fussing if one came in a ten mile radius... but then I was sorting out the washing I brought in from the garden, and was stung by one I didn't notice on the dry clothes. It made me realise I couldn't protect myself from the dreaded things. If I was going to get hurt, I was going to get hurt... ooh, I've got a short story coming on! :-) X

Karen said...

*Candyfloss* made me laugh - which is a bit cruel if you're scared of it!

Great answers, especially number one :o)

Amanda said...

Thank you, Karen - and thank you for the award. :-) X

Nas said...

Congrats on the award and thanks.


Amanda said...

Thanks Nas!