Monday, 3 December 2012

Welcome Suzanna Ross

I am thrilled to welcome the lovely Suzanna Ross to Writing Allsorts to talk about Blaze, a Minxes of Romance anthology.


Thank you so much, Mandy, for inviting me onto your blog. I'm delighted to be here – and especially excited to be talking about Blaze, a Minxes of Romance anthology.

The members of my romance writing critique group, The Minxes of Romance, have often chatted about how nice it might be to work together on a project. These conversations usually took place during our late night Skype sessions, when the talk turns to our ideal dashing hero.

For a long time, it was just chat – a nice idea of something we might do at some future point. Then, one day, it turned serious. There was talk of a common thread – firemen. LorraineWilson worked on a setting. Someone suggested a deadline. And then we had a cover...

Working with friends - particularly when those friends are spread across the globe shouldn't be easy. But, in fact, preparing and self-publishing our Fireman Anthology was more like fun than work.

Of course, it helped hugely that we had our own self-publishing expert on hand: Sally Clements has self-published a number of her own titles and has been phenomenally successful. So we shamefully used her expertise. And it's a mark of how good a friend she is that she took on the majority of the work and kept us all organised (thanks, Sally).

The result of this is Blaze - an anthology of eight stories (ranging from 5,000 to 9.000 words) with very different voices.

Memory’s Flame by Maya Blake

The Fire Inside by Romy Sommer

A Smouldering Attraction by Suzanna Ross 

Locked Into Love by Catherine Coles

Hot, Bothered and Bewitched by Jodie James 

Lighting Love’s Spark by Sally Clements 

Worth the Risk by Tara Pammi 

A Kindling Romance by Lorraine Wilson

Blaze is available now from Amazon UK/US.
For more about the minxes, visit our blog : 

Blaze is available now from AmazonUK/US.

For more about the minxes, visit our blog :


Teresa Ashby said...

Ooh firemen - well this is one that's going to be on my Christmas Kindle list for sure (if I can wait that long) :-) It sounds fabulous! Good luck with it.
Thank you Mandy and Suz x

Caroline said...

Ohhh I'm with Teresa! Firemen - gotta love them. Well done Suzanne and the other Minxes. Caroline x

Karen said...

Oh I say - sounds ... fiery!

Congratulations ladies, I'll have to to and (secretly) download a copy :o)

Pat Posner said...

It sounds great, Suz! Love everybody's titles, too.

Sizzling luck for loads of sales

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Thank you so much, Teresa and Caroline - and thanks Mandy for letting me hijack your blog.


Patsy said...

Firemen? Yeeesss I can see the appeal.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Thanks Karen, Pat and Patsy.


Amanda said...

Thanks for popping over, Teresa, Caroline, Karen, Pat and Patsy! :-)

And it's my pleasure, Suz - wishing the anthology lots of luck - I'm CERTAIN it will do fabulously well!


Sally Clements said...

Thanks so much for featuring us today, Amanda! We're all very excited (which is sort of minx standard setting, actually)The anthology was great fun to write, and showcases everyone's writing so well, we're delighted to have it out there!

Amanda said...

My pleasure, Sally. I hope the anthology does very well x

Flowerpot said...

This sounds fabulous - what a great idea. Will def get a copy for Xmas!

Amanda said...

Me too, Sue x

Edith said...

Fascinating! And oh so scintillating!!! Can't wait to of luck xxx

Edith said...

Great idea and looking forward to reading it xxx