Thursday, 3 May 2012

Is Anybody Out There?

Crumbs, I can't believe how dusty my blog was.  But with a little squirt of Pledge, and a quick nip around with a duster – it’s sparkling like new!

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it?  And although I’m peering through a now shiny screen – I'm wondering if you're there at all.  I wouldn't blame you for disappearing onto other blogs that update miraculously before your eyes, bringing with them exiting news and intelligent banter.  So, by way of an apology and a bribe to get you back, I’ve brought cupcakes.

Okay, so how have you all been over this past – ummm – four and a half months?  Is it really that long?  I’m so ashamed, but have an excuse for being absent without leave. I was waiting to announce that I’d achieved some of my 2012 goals. 

Except I haven't!

I'm doing okay though, as I've now sold 29 stories. I'm nearly able to add an extra star here - and I'm wearing my goggles and flippers in anticipation of plunging feet first into the 'I've sold over 30 stories club.'  Plus I've been asked for a story re-write by People's Friends would you believe?  Although I haven't yet dragged out my dancing shoes ready to celebrate cracking such a fab magazine, as I know they could still easily pass.

Ooh, and just to say Chloe Kent's (a.k.a, the lovely Karen Clarke) brilliant novel Dancing Queen has finalised for the Novelicious Undiscovered 2012 competition.  Go Read - it's FAB!

In other news – well I could go on and on and on, as waffling is my favourite past-time - as my hubby often says with his eyes, but I’d best not.  Just in case nobody’s there reading.  So I’ll just say I’ll be back soon with interesting and exciting posts on writing and other super intelligent stuff in the very near future – and I really, hopefully, maybe mean it this time!


Karen said...

I'm here, and I'll have all those cupcakes please!

29 stories is flippin' marvellous, you should be most proud of yourself, and good luck with the PF rewrite.

I've got one of those on the go too, but I'm struggling. My main character doesn't seem to want to live in PF world, but I'll keep on trying!

(Thanks for the mention, by the way :o)))

Amanda said...

Ooh, Karen I'm so glad you're here - I was about to eat all those cupcakes alone! Good luck again with the competition! :-))

Anonymous said...

I'm still here, plodding away with my writing. I'm concentrating on the larger projects for now, so no short stories for me. Well done with your successes in that department.

Blogging does seem to have fizzled out these days, doesn't it? I suppose everyone's on Twitter.

You're lucky for two reasons. One: I'm a bit late coming over here, two: I'm in training for a half marathon. Otherwise I'd have scoffed those cakes.

Amanda said...

Good to see you, Kev ... and good luck with your projects!

It’s a real shame that blogging has fizzled out. I’m on Twitter (although it would be hard to tell) and Facebook (as you know) – but find them both rather like Blogger on speed!

Good luck with your half marathon!

Teresa Ashby said...

Oh my - those cupcakes look wonderful! Nice to see you back in Blogland.
I've just been to Novelicious and absolutely loved Karen's entry.
Good luck with the PF rewrite :-) x

suzy doodling said...

How exciting Amanda. I've been popping into your blog now and again, so lovely and double lovely with cup cakes, and you've dusted round as well. Great news on P.F. I constantly read the magazine, and send what I think they might want. Last time they sent me the guidelines. Well, I had sent a bit of a wacky story to be fair... I will keep trying though, I've yet to sell my first story. I have a feeling this could be the year though. Here's hoping, and great to have you back.xx

Caroline said...

Ohhhh cupcakes lovely! Welcome back! Caroline x

Pat Posner said...

Hey, Welcome back!!
Congratulations on the 29 and everything crossed for the PF rewrite.
I'm on FB and Twitter but I much prefer reading blogs (when people actually blog). I must admit my blog gets sadly neglected.

Speak soon
P.S. Have read our 'Chloe's' chapter on Novelicious and commented. Right good they were!

Amanda said...

Thanks Teresa – it’s good to be back! :-) And yes, Karen’s entry is jolly marvellous isn’t it!? X

Thanks for popping over, Suzy! Glad you will keep on keeping on – you will get there – I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for you! X

The pink ones are particularly yummy, Caroline – do help yourself! :-) X

Cooeee, Pat :-) and thank you. I think blogs are nicer than FB and Twitter too! X

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Lovely to see you back, Mandy.

Oh, snap. I've also made it to 29.

Thanks for the cupcakes. If nobody's got their eye on that purple one...


DAB said...

I'm still around (sortof) but I'm upto my neck in sand at the moment. Not quicksand though but a dust storm ;-) We're sanding floorboards! Oh, what fun! Bring back carpet, I say.

Congrats on 29 Ms Allsorts.xx

Amanda said...

Ooh, how exciting, Suz - we're short story twins! :-) And yes do have the purple cupcake - it's got your name on it! :-) Xx

Hellowee, TF :-) Hope all is going well with the house and I hope you're wearing a dust mask! Xx

penandpaints said...

Mmm, cupcakes :)
29 stories! That's brilliant, my blog has been gathering a wee bit o' dust too, but sadly I don't have the excuse of 29 published stories. I'm just lazy :/
Best of luck with the PF re-write!

Amanda said...

Thanks P&P :-)

Holly Slater said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Congratulations on all the short story successes and getting the first novel finished! I look up to writers like you that get so much accomplished. If you have time, please stop by and follow my writing blog. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Thanks for dropping by, Holly! You've made me realise I REALLY need to update my blog :-)

Good luck with your writing!