Friday, 14 January 2011

A Writerly Roller Coaster

For me, writing’s a bit of a roller-coaster ride – much like life really.

On the up, just after saying I'd sold 11 short stories in 2010 – That’s Life! bought one, making 12 sales for 2010 - who'd have thought it? (And on the subject of Australia, I would like to add here that my thoughts are with my lovely relatives in Brisbane and everyone affected by the floods – keep safe all!)

On the down, on Monday I received three short story rejections in one day, making it a total of five rejections for 2011 already. I hope I’m not setting a trend.

On the up, a lovely agent who showed an interest in my novel last year has agreed to look at my chapters again.

On the down – I can’t get to see stories I’ve sold to That’s Life! Australia. So, just in case there’s anyone out there with a scanner and back copies, I’m sending out a HUGE plea on behalf of myself and lovely fellow womag writer, Susan Wright. We both have stories in the Summer edition of That’s Life! Fiction Feast (out November 29th 2010), I have a story in the weekly magazine issue 41, 2010. Susan’s in issue 9, 2011, and I’m in issue 8 and issue 13, 2011, plus Susan’s in their Autumn edition (out February 2011). If anyone out there has any of these copies and would be prepared to scan our stories for us we would be eternally grateful. Alternatively, we would both be prepared to do a magazine swap or something similar. (My email is on my profile if you can help us at all) I don’t know about you, but seeing our stories in print is definitely the best bit.

Ooh, and I’d best end on the up,. I know it’s not writing, as such, but I’ve just sent off my third assignment for this year’s Open University course. I’m studying Approaching Literature and finding it, shall we say, challenging. But I keep telling myself I’m half way through my fifth year and almost there.

Okay, I'm off to compare William Wordsworth’s The Prelude with William Blake’s 'The Schoolboy'. Gawd, cup of tea first though, methinks.

Keep well all!


Paula RC said...

Wow you have been busy! Good luck with your agent, My fingers are crossed for you.

I hope someone downunder can send you a copy.

Karen said...

That's Life normally send complimentary copies of Fiction Feast, but not the weekly mag. I had a story in the weekly last year that I missed, but received a the Spring edition that I had one in - they might send you a copy if you ask.

Ignore the rejections - brilliant news about all your sales, and you're doing so well with the OU course you should be proud of yourself :o))

Good luck with Ms. Agent!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

You've achieved far more than I have in 2010 with your writing. Congratulations on all those sales and good luck in 2011.

Amanda said...

Awh, thank you, Jarmara. :-)

It's quite odd about the complimentary copy, Karen - as I've always received one for the fiction specials - it seems something's gone pear-shaped with the summer one as neither Susan or I got one.
Thanks so much for the good luck wishes re: Ms Agent - I think I'm going to need them! :-))

Thanks Debs - that's very kind!

HelenMWalters said...

I was going to say the same as Karen, that I thought TLFF usually send a complimentary copy. But sounds like something has gone wrong this time. Hope you manage to get hold of it x

Amanda said...

Thanks Helen. We've been lucky enough to get sent the fiction special by another lovely womag writer - yay! I'm thinking the weekly mag could be a tricky one to get hold of, though.

Colette McCormick said...

Boo for the rejections but good luck with the agent.

Leigh Russell said...

Good luck with the agent. That's potentially the biggest news for you. Fingers crossed!

Amanda said...

Thank you, Colette :-)

Thank you, Leigh. I just hope I've done enough this time to hold her interest. But I refuse to get my hopes up, as I've been here before!

Flowerpot said...

Well that souns like amazing progress Mandy - and let's face it, life is a rollercoaster isnt it? Particularly if you write! Good for you xx

Amanda said...

Thank you, FP... I hope you are well xx

Anonymous said...

Well done (from one who lurks unheeded in those aggravating 'shortlisted' sections in Writing Magazine & Writer's News!
Waving in your direction as I'm doing A363 (desperate to get diploma before it's phased out) and awaiting the verdict on my script at this very moment! Next, I too will probably do Approaching Lit, and that will be my penultimate year too!

Hope 2011 is a great year for you. :-)

Amanda said...

Thank you, Alison. Good luck with A363 - I absolutely loved it and found it so helpful with my writing.


David said...

Great news on the short story sales and interested agent, Mandy. I hope he/she knows there is a fan base here just waiting for the publication date!!!


Amanda said...

Awh, thanks David! :-)) x

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Lots of ups there, Mandy. Well done.

Sending much love to your family in Australia.


Amanda said...

Thanks Suz. XX