Friday, 5 November 2010

Hats off to the Past, Coats off to the Future – The History of Wilshere-Dacre School

Today, I saw on Amazon that my non-fiction book, ‘Hats off to the Past, Coats off to the Future’ is a Bestseller. Umm...well it ranks 2,119,358 in Amazon Bestsellers. – That’s the same thing – right?

Ooh, and even better than that: The book is so blummin’ rare it now sells for £25, when it was once £9.99. Trouble is I’m no longer selling it – a second-hand bookshop is cashing in on my meagre success. Just think, I could have been a millionaire if I’d only held some back.

Seeing my book on there has caused me to trundle merrily down memory lane. The year is 1997. The month is November. And the excitement of publishing my own book is making my insides want to venture out.

I only published a limited number – 500 to be exact – I couldn’t afford more. And along with subscribers – over 200 (I’ve since disposed of the thumb screws) plus a loan from the lovely parents – I did it. Yes, I self-published a non-fiction book. And, thank the heavens, the WHOLE lot sold within a month.

I’ve actually been asked several times *she says a little too smugly* if I’d do another run. But I never have, although I wonder sometimes if I should. Mind you the book's on four floppy disks – and who has floppy disks these days?

The greatest pleasure of writing about my old junior school was it made people happy. I got letters of thanks that fill two albums. *I’m actually looking at them now, saying, ‘awh, how lovely – people can be so kind.’* It was such a satisfying venture, from the thrill of interviewing my old head teacher, to the parcels arriving full of MY books.

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen. times. Memories aye?


Karen said...

Sounds wonderful, and shows that self-publishing works perfectly sometimes. How exciting that your book is a rarity now!

Maybe you could do a sequel :o)

Amanda said...

Hi Karen -Yes, self-publishing can work especially well in non-fiction, when you have a target audience in mind - e.g. past staff and pupils.
:-) said...

Goodness that's amazing! well done! While I mess about blogging you get stuff published. A salutory lesson indeed. :O)

Colette McCormick said...

How wonderful! I couldn't help smiling while I was reading you post.

Amanda said...

I console myself, Madeleine, that blogging is NOT procrastination, it's good writing practice. HUM! :-)

Awh, thanks Colette - it was VERY rewarding. I think all we writers really want to do is makes people happy with our words. - That's definitely my goal. :-)

Carolb said...

I sometimes use floppy disks. Sad I know.
But you can still buy a plug in floppy disk drive.
So retrieve that book...

Amanda said...

I may just do that, Carol. Thanks for dropping by.