Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The London Ghost Walk and Other Stuff

The London Ghost Walk

As some of you already know I find ghosts fascinating. Novel 1 and Novel 2 embrace a supernatural theme...

So, for me, Friday was very exciting, as I trundled up to London and took part in The Original London Ghost Walk...

...and here’s me being an excited minor-celebrity stalker, with our excellent guide Richard Jones, who some may remember from Most Haunted fame.

Ooh, and here’s two odd looking light anomalies taken in quick succession as we looked into St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Trick of the light? Perhaps.

There are some pretty spooky nurses at St Bart’s, the oldest hospital in London. One, apparently murdered in a lift, makes her presence felt in the early hours of the morning. The said lift often cranks its way to the basement, no matter which floor has been asked for, and plunges into darkness, refusing to move however much the weary traveller pushes the buttons. *spooky aye?* Finally, occupants will vacate the lift and climb the stairs to the ground floor, only to find the lift waiting, lights on. *and it get's worse.* If the person decides to walk, the lift will follow as they mount the twisting staircase. *shivers a little*

Other ghoulish nurses include one on Grace Ward (or pinkies ward). It's said she prescribed a fatal overdose to a patient and took her own life in remorse. And another nurse appears on the Bedford Fenwick Ward, apparently giving comfort just before death. *Remind me not to get sick around St. Barts!*

I’m not sure my photographs are any of these nurses trying to manifest, but I certainly got a a chill when I saw them on my return home.

Anyhoo, the tour was brilliant. Richard Jones is impressively theatrical, without being over the top. For me, there was just the right amount of spookyness. It wasn’t one of those *jump out from behind a gravestone type tours* but it gave me a chill from time to time, and was full of interesting historical facts.

Other Stuff

Apologises to those who couldn’t see my *How many womag writer’s are there* post. I somehow managed to leave it in draft form when I amended. I really can’t be trusted alone with a blog. I'm still updating - so please continue to comment or email.

And finally...

I’m pleased to be part of WRITERS PLATFORM BUILDING CRUSADE . A fab idea and a great way of getting to know other bloggers, plus *hopefully* gain a few more readers. :-)) Do pop over and see how it all works!

(Both *ghostie* pictures have blog author copyright – please credit this blog if you would like to copy. Thanks.)


Adina West said...

Hi Amanda, I'm a fellow Crusader...and it looks like I'm the lucky first to pop over and say hello!

Very impressed by your story sales to magazines. At least you definitely have something to put in the writer's bio paragraph in your query letter. :-)

Nice to 'virtually' meet you.

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow crusader! I love your ghostly tale. I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog :)

Lane Mathias said...

Sounds like a good tour although I wouldn't like to be alone in the lifts of St Bart's at night.

The photo of you and the guide is great. Quite ghostly:-)

Melissa said...

I'm not a crusader but, I saw your comment on another blog about just loosing a follower so I thought - hey! I can make it up to her by choosing to follow her (If I like her stuff). And, I find that I do! So *HEY!*

This London ghost walk sounds absolutely fascinating. I've always wanted to go to London, adding the supernatural to the experience would only add to the awesome!

David said...

I'm getting goosebumps just reading about those ghosts at St Barts. Don't know why but the idea of the deserted lift 'following' me from floor to floor is particularly terrifying. Eek! I think I'll have to check under the bed before I get in tonight!

Marieke said...

Favorite London haunt - the Adelphi theater ^.^

Welcome to the Crusade! Nice to virtually meet you! :D

Amanda said...

Hi Adina, thanks so much for popping over :-) The Crusade is very exciting. I’ll pop over to yours a.s.a.p. :-)

Hello Helen. Great to meet you. What a great idea the Crusade is!

Nor me Lane, it would be so freaky. There’s something about those old fashioned lifts, isn’t there?

Awh, that’s so lovely of you Melissa. :-) I love London! It’s just a 30 minute train ride from me, so we go often – although I wouldn’t want to live there!

Hey, David – good to see you! :-) It is a chilling tale isn’t it? Makes me have chills thinking of it.

Hi Marieke – thanks for dropping by. :-) Yes, The Adelphi Theatre is great ... I saw Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies is on there now. I’d love to see it, as I so enjoyed The Phantom of the Opera.

Karen said...

Sounds ruddy terrifying, but then I'm easily spooked. I won't be hanging round St. Bart's any time soon - especially at night!

A friend of mine got hooked on Most Haunted at one stage, but could never persuade me to watch it with her!

I've had a look at the crusader blog, and joined up. Great idea :o)

Colette McCormick said...

We have a ghost who lives in the cellar at work. He used to be around a lot but he's been quiet for a bit. Your ghost tour sounded great.
I'm off to check out the Writers Platform Building Crusade right now.

Jenny Beattie said...

Hey Amanda, you joined up. Brilliant. See you there too! said...

Hoo hooo! I hope it gave you lots more material for more stories. Sounds very atmospheric and great fun. I spent a ghost hunting weekend at Boscastle a few years back which was fun. :O)

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Oooo, spooky.


Talli Roland said...

Interesting! I live in an old Victorian house and I'm always afraid of running into ghosts and such. I do NOT want to see them. You should check out the London Paranormal Society - they hold overnights in haunted places!

Sarah*G* said...

I've just signed up to the Writers Platform Crusade and thought I would stop by to say hello!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Your spooky tour sounds great fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

Amanda said...

Cooee Karen. St. Barts did have a spooky atmosphere, which was weird in a way as the area was so busy (it’s right near Smithfield’s market). St. Bartholomew’s Church, nearby was creep too. It was also where the non-wedding in Four Weddings and a Funeral was filmed, which I found interesting in itself. I’ m easily pleased, and clearly a mine of useless information. :-)

Ooh, I love it when there’s a resident ghost in a place of employment, Colette. Spooky!

Hello Jenny – thanks for pointing me towards the crusaders! All good fun. :-)

I’ve always fancied a ghost hunting weekend, Madeleine – don’t know if I’m brave enough though!

Twas indeedy, Suz xx

Ooh, Talli - I’m not sure I would want to see one in my own home either! I will check out the London Paranormal Society – thanks for the suggestion.

Hello Sarah – thanks for dropping by – I will pop over to yours later. :-)

Thanks Debs, it was great fun. I love going up to London, and the walk was an added bonus. :-)

Flowerpot said...

What a great idea Mandy. I'm too squeamish for that but I can admire from afar!

Denise Covey said...

Hi Amanda, fellow crusader here. Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting. You have embraced the spirit of the crusade. I've spent hours downloading everyone's url to a special blogroll and am getting to everyone.

Love womag writer..:)

Marieke said...

Amanda - LND is both very much like PotO and completely different at the same time. It's theatrical, the staging is beautiful, and the music is amazing. The story however has nothing to do with the original Phantom at all. All the same, it's one of my current favs! And if you do decide to see it, I'd love to know what you think! :D

Amanda said...

It wasn't too scary, FP - It was mostly very interesting stories of old London. I think the Edinburgh ones are much more frightening - not sure I'd dare go on those.

Hi L'Aussie - great to see you here! I must zip round to make sure I'm following everyone.

Ooh good to know LND is good, Marieke - I really must book up and I'll be sure to blog about it. :-)

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Cheryl said...

Spooky stories there. I love hearing about stuff like that though. I'm going to check the site out. Also, i got tickets for my mum when you posted about the ripper tour and she loved it so thanks for posting x

Amanda said...

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.

Ooh, so glad your mum liked the ripper tour, Lily :-))

DAB said...

Blinkin''eck I was sure I had already left a comment on this post. Hmmm, must of been a ghostwriter!
;-) TFx

Amanda said...

Ha ha - that made me laugh, TF! That's OK - I know when you've been spirited away to better things. ;-)