Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ghosts at Minsden Chapel

I'm so interested in GHOSTIES and STUFF. It must be my over-active imagination. I plan for Novel no.2 to have a ghost theme, and I've written a few short stories that involve the paranormal.

Now, I really have to tell you about my latest experience at the VERY haunted location of Minsden Chapel in Hertfordshire.

A bit about Minsden Chapel’s history and its phantoms can be found here. MINSDEN STUFF

It's one of my favourites haunted locations. And I love to visit on a bright, spring afternoon. Note, I did not say at night – I’m far too chicken for that.

Anyway, we’d had a couple of weird experiences on our prior visit there. The strangest being that one of our party came away with a red line around their neck, that seemed to appear from nowhere. It was as though someone had tied something around his neck and pulled it tight. This was made stranger by the fact hangings used to take place up there. And, once home, a subsequent search of the internet revealed others have experienced the same thing.

So, back to last Sunday’s visit. Some weirdy things happened!

1. We set up a video camera which recorded us milling around the chapel. I, in true Yvette Fielding fashion, called out, ‘If there’s anyone there please give us a sign.’ Nothing happened. Or so we thought. But when we got home and looked at the film, just after I call out the camera SO obviously moves. Several inches in fact, in a horizontal fashion. Strange.

2. One of our party said their neck itched. On looking we saw another clear, red line around her neck.

3. Several strange pictures were taken. One shows a glowing cross, another a figure at the edge of the page. One a full on figure and another has two strange glowing lights. (Go on, look hard, get in the spirit of the blog post - and no the cross isn't the sun!)

4. Voices were heard and all of us thought we saw things out of the corner of our eyes.

A lot of mumbo jumbo do you reckon? All fab for stimulating those writing juices, don't you think?

Edited to add more pictures 9th April.

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