Monday, 27 April 2009

Editing Novel 1

No I’m not. Editing novel 1, I mean. Not yet anyway. But one of my favourite blogs on writing, The Blood Red Pencil has printed a brilliant post on editing. And I was especially drawn to the fact you should avoid weak verbs like ‘ing’ words, and check for too many 'ly' words.

And, guess what? In novel 1 I’ve got 2760 ‘ing’ words and 1760 ‘ly’. I know because I swapped my ‘ings’ and ‘lys’ for the word ‘turnip’ and then panicked for a bit because I couldn’t return it to normal. (All’s well now though – I used the little arrow-back thingy.)

So, although now at a stupendous 64,400k, I’m upping the completed first draft goal to 85,000, as I can see a lot of culling going on around June time.

Okay, I’m off quick’ly’ now as I’m do’ing’ lots of work’ing’ today – I’m prepar’ing’ for my lovely Aunt and Uncle. They are com’ing’ over from Australia, stay’ing’ for two week’ly’s. Love’ly’'ly'

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