Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Are titles important for stories and novels? & 'Her Last Lie'

When I  started writing stories nine years ago, I spent ages choosing my titles. The more imaginative, I believed, the better. But it didn't take me long to realise a fair few of those titles would never be used for my published stories.

So is the title we choose important?
Well, I think so. And I still put time into choosing them. Just because a magazine doesn’t use a title, doesn't mean the title won't catch an editor’s eye.
It’s the same with novels. An agent or publisher could be tempted to read your chapters if they are attracted to your title. It really is worth putting the time into picking a perfect title, one that tells what genre the novel is, without having to read a word.
However, like short stories, novel titles may be changed too. I went to see a well-known writer do an excellent talk locally, and she said all the titles of her books – five in all – had had their titles changed by her publishers. So however amazing your title is – and even if it has grabbed an agent/publisher’s eye – it’s likely it could be changed.
Which brings me onto the BRAND NEW title of my debut psychological thriller.
It’s shiny new title is Her Last Lie, which I’m delighted about.  I feel it fits the ‘psychological thriller’ market perfectly.
Her Last Lie is available to pre-order on Amazon HERE at 99p, with all my royalties for downloads going to Cancer Research UK, in memory of my sister.
The cover-reveal will be happening any time soon, and I will be popping that on here too as soon as I get it into my excited mitts. 
I must admit it all feels a tiny bit surreal.


Sue Blackburn said...

It's quite fun choosing a suitable title I find but pretty much all my short stories have had their titles changed. At first I used to huff and puff a bit because I never thought the changed titles somehow summed up the story the same. But hey - it's not going to change (the situation not the titles ;-) so it's really not worth the huff and puff!
I love the title for your novel, Mandy, and the cover and it's for such a wonderful cause.
Every success - which I know it will be.

Amanda said...

You're right, it's not worth worrying when editors change our story titles. There must be all sorts of reasons why they do. As long as they keep buying that's the important thing, and they love your stories. :-) xxxx