Thursday, 4 August 2011

I believe in FAIRIES

Okay, I admit it! I believe in FAIRIES - well doesn't everyone?

Those who have been following my blog for some time, thank you, and you may remember here how I promised myself a fairy ornament each time I was lucky enough to sell a story.

Well I didn’t keep it up...and I won’t deny it, just lately short story sales have become a bit of a rarity - a sign of the shrinking market, I keep telling myself. But what if it's down to something more magical? Like the lack of fairy wishes.

So, with this in mind - no I'm not completely barking - well perhaps a bit - I went on a fairy hunt and came across the above very lovely ‘Good Luck Fairy’. And I bought her not only because my lounge is lilac, and she's rather pretty, but because I knew she would bring me some much needed good luck.

Within a day, I had my first spark of luck. My short story jointly won first place in my lovely on-line writing group, Womag2Weekly.

NEXT – I PASSED my English Literature exam for OU A210 – oh yes indeed. Final year, here I come!

And FINALLY (and I’m assuming finally, as luck normally only comes in threes, well so they say - the fairies that is -okay so I am mad.) The Best of British Magazine have said they are going to publish my article on my father’s childhood in London during World War 2. He’s going to be so THRILLED!

Right, best go .... I need to buy another FAIRY!


Old Kitty said...

Awwwwww yay for your adorable and and wonderful fairies!! Of course you believe in them!! They're magical and just lovely!!

Well done you!!!! Onwards and ever upwards!! Take care

Anonymous said...

Fabulous news! What a very positive fairy. I have a couple so perhaps I should start talking to them more often! Hope the success continues.

CJ xx

DAB said...


Debs Carr said...

What brilliant news. Well done you and I'm sure it must be down to the fairy! I love fairies, but only have a windchime a friend bought me a few years ago.

suzy doodling said...

Fabulous news Amanda. I had an article in July Best of British. It's a lovely magazine, full of nostalgic articles. The editor asked me to send another article, she's lovely. I'm sure your fairy guided the magic along. Wishing you more fairy magic. Off to talk to my Capricorn fairy now.

Amanda said...

Thank you, Old Kitty x

Thank you, Crystal Jigsaw. Yes, do talk to them - I’ve certainly said thank you to mine. :-) x

Always lovely to see your smiling face, DAB ;-) x

Awh, I love windchimes, Debs – especially ones with fairies on!

Congratulations on your articles too, Suzy, and you’re right they do seem lovely at The Best of British.

Diane Fordham said...

Congratulations Amanda - Mmmm thinking perhaps I should invest in some fairies!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Amanda .. fantastic fairy news .. they bring lots of luck with them .. even lavender flavoured lilac luck .. well done - short story, passing your English Literature .. and then your father's story ..

As you say - definitely go buy .. but your lilac fairy is doing you proud .. cheers Hilary

Pat Posner said...

I love fairy good news!

Especially when it's X 3. Congratulations.


Suzanne Jones said...

Congratulations on all your good news, Mandy.

And may your beautiful fairy bring you lots more.


HelenMHunt said...

I definitely believe in fairies. And wands, and magic fairy dust ...

Amanda said...

Thank you, Diane – and yes invest in one, and let me know what happens!

Thank you, Hilary. :-)

Thanks Pat xx

Thank you, Suz xx

Ooh, yes, me too, Helen :-))

MorningAJ said...

They tend to be a lot more generous if you don't use the F word and refer to them as the Little People you know!

joanne fox said...

Well done on your news - you should definitely buy another one!

gaelikaa said...

What a sweet, magical post! Makes me feel all excited and hopeful!

Madeleine said...

Congrats Amanda

Sounds like I need to get myself a lucky fairy! I plan to buy myself an Valerie Davide print with my first fiction sale to remind myself I have made it on that all important first rung.
BTW I mentioned you on my blog post today :O)

Amanda said...

I’ll have to try that, MorningAJ :-)

Thank you, Joanne. :-)

Thanks, Maria – we need to keep hopeful, don’t we! :-)

Thanks Madeleine! A Valerie Davide print sounds a lovely idea. I’ll zip over to your blog right now!

Karen said...

That fairy is GORGEOUS - I want one! And you sooo deserve her :o))

Amanda said...

Thanks Karen :-) x

Flowerpot said...

That is such good news Mandy - I'm delighted for you! And she's a great fairy - hold on to her!

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Amanda said...

Thank you FP x

DAB said...

What 'appened to your 21 post?

Hope all is OK "Allsorts World"


Amanda said...

Ooh, ek, I don't know, DAB - *trundles off to investigate*

All is goo here, hope all is well with you! X