Monday, 11 July 2011

Exams, Sales and Wanderings

I've been on my travels, oh yes indeed. Visiting America and Canada - searching out magazines. Well not only searching out magazines because that would have made my hubby a wee bit cross – but I did pick up two copies of Woman’s World and I'm very tempted to send them a story at some point. Although they don't take email submissions which is a bit of a shame. They have Woman's World in Canada too, and I also saw our very own home-grown People’s Friend there, which made me rather proud.

On my return I received a lovely email from Liz Smith at My Weekly wanting to buy one of my stories – the sixth they've bought of mine - YAY! So my supermarket trips over the next little while will be rather exciting as I scan the mags for my stories - I'm waiting for two to appear in Take a Break Fiction Feast too. It certainly make up for those rejections.

Oh, and I’ve finally finished my A210 course with the Open University. The three hour exam took a lot of revising for - but I can honestly say, with pride, I gave it my best shot! However, it was so hard– and if I’ve passed it will be some kind of miracle. I won’t know until the middle of August, but I'll let you know - one way or the other - and then it’s on to my FINAL year – EA300 Children’s Literature. Not going to be easy, but I will get there - well if sheer determination has anything to do with it. :-))

My latest novel is chugging along nicely. I'm halfway through, and hoping to get it finished and out there to agents before the end of the year. So watch this space!

Bye for now.


Old Kitty said...

HUGE congratulations with your publishing successes!!!! Yay!!! Awwww well done you!!

And OF COURSE you've aced your OU exam!!!! Well done and good luck!!

Onwards and ever upwards for you!!! Take care

Caroline said...

Congrats on the short story success. Can't wait to read it! Caroline x

DAB said...

Aahhh you little jetsetter you :-) Congrats on completion of exam and My Weekly story. Well done Ms Allorts :)) DABx

Amanda said...

Thanks Old Kitty - I can feel your positivity from here I hope it rubs off on the markers! :-) x

Awh, thank you, Caroline x

I know, DAB - I never ever thought I'd see America and Canada - twas very exciting! And thanks for the congrats - I just hope I've done enough to pass - time will tell! Hope you are well. x

Amanda said...


Loving your new-look blog, DAB x

Diane Fordham said...

Well done Amanda. You are showing us all that with perserverance and hanging in there, so much can be achieved. Congrats :-)

DAB said...

Aaah thanks Ms Allsorts. Feeling fine and dandy m'dear. Keep up the good work now - no slacking! ;-) DABx

Amanda said...

Thanks Diane! :-)

I will indeed, DAB - I've just hit the halfway point with the new novel - yay x

Flowerpot said...

Well done you Mandy that;s great news on both counts!

Amanda said...

Thank you, FP!