Friday, 13 November 2009

A Deflated Balloon

Yes, that’s me!

Well not a balloon as such, but I am a little deflated as a writer.

I think I must have ‘I love rejections’ written on my forehead, and magazines are intent on trying to please me. Because frankly, they’re pouring in; two from People’s Friends – one took less than a week to wing its way back to me, and there was a blinking postal strike on at the time. The next came a week later with an identical reason for rejection – I’m suspecting form letters here! I’ve also had one from Allas Magazine, one from The Weekly News and another from That’s Life Australia – all in the last few weeks. Swearwords!

But I refuse to let it grind me down. I’ll keep sending out my short stories whether they want them or not – I’m tough! I can take it! HA!

On a positive though, my novel, which underwent a mammoth culling of characters and storyline recently, is now finished – AGAIN – and guess what, it’s visiting a friend. Yes, a very lovely blogging pal is reading it through – cover to cover – so exciting!

Also – I still have nine short stories out there – so there’s still hope! Yes? And I’ve written a story for the Mslexia competition and I’m working on a story for Cally’s Heaven Competition.

How’s that for refusing to let it beat me! Go me! I think!


Maria said...

Oh, be positive, do your best. You'll get there, I'm telling you!

Karen said...

Definitely keep getting them out there - one magazine's rejection is another's acceptance - I know you know you can do it, and good good luck with the competition entries :o))

HelenMWalters said...

Well done. I've had loads of rejections just recently as well, so I do sympathise x

Flowerpot said...

DON'T GIVE UP MANDY! REjections are sadly part of a writer's life!!

Unknown said...

As Flowerpot says, rejections are part of a writer's life. They're nasty, hurtful little blighters but I suppose you have to get them or the thrill of the acceptance wouldn't be so exciting. That's my reasoning anyway.

Keep going and good luck!

Carol said...

I'm glad your not giving up....and I echo what everyone else has said!! What's not right for one will be perfect for another do keep submitting...I'm sure you'll be celebrating before you know it!!

C x

Ps. I glanced at your post title and had to do a double take...for some reason I read it as 'A Deflated Bottom' :-D

Kath McGurl said...

Love your attitude - keep going!

Jan said...

You really deserve to Hit The Jackpot with a lovely attitude like yours!

Amanda said...

Awh, thanks Gaelikka! :-)

Ooh, I do hope so, Karen!

They’re awful, aren’t they Helen! Hugs – but we will get there!!

They are indeed, FP

Yes, you are right, Shirley – I think if I got an acceptance now I would be dancing round the room!

Thanks Carol... hee hee at the deflated bottom – I may have one of those too! ;-)

Thank you so much, Womag

That’s so kind, Jan – thanks


Jenny Beattie said...

Good on you. You'll be due a load of acceptances soon.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Hugs, Mandy. But great to see that you're working on new stories.


DJ Kirkby said...

Yes, go you! I've had swine flu and have got almost no writing done...and I suspect that I have written will look decidely odd once the swine flu goes away!

Alice said...

Just came by your blog via Debs ... Congrats on your award :-) I think rejections are just part and parcel of a writer's life. Sometimes I think to myself 'why do it?' but it's like a compulsion ... writing. I've been at it for so long I have often had spells of feeling like giving up, and do - for about a week. But then suddenly you get a boost and feel spurred on to continue. I'm sure you will find a glimmer of something sparkly and lovely soon enough in the midst of your rejections. I believe that if you're passionate about writing (which you clearly are) then things happen eventually. Keep at it :-)

Helen P said...

I am both inspired and more than a little jealous of your attitude and prolific story writing, Mandy. Blinkin' marvelous and good luck with the other nine.

Amanda said...

Hiya, JJ – Ooh, wouldn’t that be cool!?

Thanks Suzanne! xx

Awh, poor you DJ – I hope you feel much better very soon!

Hello, Alice and welcome :-) Writing is indeed like a compulsion – I can’t stop either – and when I’m not writing my characters in my head deciding what to do next – crumbs, that make me sound a little mad doesn’t it!?

Thanks so much Helen – I think my way of coping with rejections is to always have something out there – When I get down to about five out there I make a point of getting some more done – that way there’s always hope – yes?


Lane Mathias said...

That's quite an inspirational post y'know.
Thank you!

Amanda said...

Awh, thanks Lane x