Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Cast of FMIAB

Oooh, my last post got me thinking. And I've been wasting precious writing time casting the movie version of my novel. But it's been great fun dreaming.

And here they are... My wanna-be cast of FMIAB

Rachel, my protaganist, would be played by the lovely, Jennifer Anniston. (Well she always plays the part of Rachel so brilliantly!)

Her sisters, Annie and Felicity, would be played by the amazingly talented, Alyson Hannigan and Jennifer Garner.

For the part of Nana Philpot, I would like the multi-talented, Julie Walters. Thank you kindly.

And now for the men in her life...

The hilarious, Ricky Gervais as Jason.

Lennon would be played by the lovely, Tom Sturridge.

Fergus would be played by Rupert Everett. He may be a wee bit old, but hey, this is fantasy.

And finally, Sam would be played by the great, Edward Norton.

Ooh, that was so much fun... now back to reality!


Carol said...

What a wonderful cast...I would go and see that movie!!

C x

Karen said...

Perfect casting (especially Annie ;o)) And I love Ricky Gervaise!

Flowerpot said...

Sounds great Mandy. And personally I think fantasy is all important...!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Brilliant choices, Mandy.


Unknown said...

Now that would make a brilliant film. Bring it on!

Fionnuala said...

I SO wanna see that movie! x

Amanda said...

Thanks guys! I'll invite you all to the premier! ;-)

Unknown said...

The perfect cast of characters!

Amanda said...

Thanks Antonia!