Monday, 13 July 2009


YAY - I’ve just received my copy of Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2010.

Trouble is, it’s made me all impatient.

I'm itching to send off the first three chapters of my novel! They are ready! Done and dusted a gazillion times! As too is my synopsis. Yes, I'm all set to GO.

Trouble is, I’ve only re-drafted 60,000 of my 75,000 words. So I know it’s too soon.

So, I’m going to be very patient! Yes, really I am!

Oh and the above picture is of Molly, my twelve year old gorgeous doggie. It was taken yesterday, when she seemed to have a fancy for eating the lobelia, which is apparently toxic. So we'll be keeping a close eye on her when she ventures into the garden from now on!


Carol said...

Well console yourself with the thought that you won't have to be patient too long!! You've only got 15,000 words to go so have already broken the back of it :-D

Love the photo of your wee pooch....gorgeous!!

C x

Lane Mathias said...

Gosh, you're very nearly there!

Molly is gorgeous. I hope there are no ill effects for the lobelia tasting.

Unknown said...

Well done, you! Nearly there now.

And what a lovely photo.

DAB said...

To be patient. Hmmm, a difficult state of mind methinks. Molly looks cute :) TFx

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

I was only thinking today that I need to buy that very book for myself. Love mooching through and marking out pages, bliss.

Molly is so pretty.

Pat Posner said...

I know how you feel. I'm always saying: 'Pat is NOT short for Patience.'

Love the photo - Molly looks so good for 12!

Paula RC said...

I feel the same way as you, Amanda. My copy of Writer's Market keeps whispering to me, come have a look, why not make a list of the names and places to send your work to and when you do... Your mind kicks in with, Why not send your chapters off because you know you'll have to wait months before you hear from them.

But I tell myself, what if they want to read the rest of the manuscript straight and I'm not ready. Nope, now you be a good writer and wait until your work is ready to go out.

Good luck with book, Amanda

Amanda said...

Hey, Carol – Yes, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Sort of! x

Nearly, Lane – Unless I have a ‘this is rubbish’ moment before the end – which is very likely! Molly seems to have coped with her run-in with the lobelia!

Hopefully, Shirley – but you never can tell ;-)

It is indeed, TF – It’s not really my strong point – but I’m working at itx

Ooh, yes Debs, I spent last night highlighting the agents I’m going to bombard – Although, I’m sure there’s not as many in there as there once was.

Hiya Pat, yes Molly is pretty good for an old lady! ‘I am patient, I am patient!’

Hee hee, Jarmara – I will be a good writer and I promise not to send anything until it’s finished :-)

Bluestocking Mum said...

Well done - you do right to be patient.

By co-incidence I ordered my copy of W & A yearbook yesterday! Unfortunately I haven't been brave enough to send my novel off yet...but maybe...2010...

warm wishes

Helen P said...

Amanda, I really hope that 2010 is your year! My advice is to get your manuscript off sooner rather than later - I fear Molly might wish to move on in the hunt for tastier morsels after she's finished with the lobelia!

Karen said...

Patience is the hardest bit, but you're doing the right thing hanging int there a bit longer - you're doing so well :o))

Molly's one foxy lady - I hope she's not toxic now!

Amanda said...

Cheers, Angel. Yes, I know I really must wait - It's by no means ready as a whole!
Good luck with sending yours out there - whenever you decide to!

Yes, it is tempting to send it, Helen, especially when we know it takes ages once there out there! Molly's not gone near the lobelia since, thank goodness!

Awh, thanks Karen! And yes, Molly is a foxy girlie! :-) And no she's only glowed green the once, so I think we're fine!

Fionnuala said...

Well done Mandy. I can feel your excitement. Good luck with the submissions when you're ready...x

Maria said...

Dogs are like kids, you can't take your eyes off for a second.

Amanda said...

Thank you Fionnuala x

They are just like kids, you are so right Gaelikaa! :-)

Kat W said...

That's just how I feel. I've been studying my new copy too & wishing I was ready to send off to agents. My patience is needed for a different reason - I promised I wouldn't start edits until next Monday. This will make it two weeks from finishing the first draft. It seems like a very long two weeks! Can't wait to get going.

In your case you're nearly there & won't need to wait much longer. Getting exciting!

Kat :-)

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Wow, you're nearly there, Amanda.

Molly's too cute to be true.


Amanda said...

Hey, Kat - You are doing everything right waiting to edit! I think you can see it so much clearer if you leave it for a while - I must learn to do that! :-)

Sometimes it feels like that, Suzanne - and other times it seems like a lifetime away! Molly is more mischievous than she looks - butter would melt in her mouth very quickly! :-) x