Saturday, 18 July 2009

Derren Brown's ENIGMA

I leapt across the nice old lady who sat next to me. She was asking her son if ‘being put into a trance’ was anything like having an operation, and looked startled when I landed in her lap. But, despite my efforts, I didn’t catch the Frisbee.


I so wanted to catch it. To throw my Frisbee clasping hand in the air and shout, ‘Ooh, ooh, ooh, Derren, look at me, I’ve caught a Frisbee.’ Because then Mr Brown would have called me down onto The Adelphi stage, where I could have spent some wonderful moments with him.

And I was all prepared, you see. I was wearing my ditsy yellow top (well that's what it says on the label) and my best Tesco necklace. Get the idea? Yes I’d really gone to town.

But hey, we can’t have it all. Just to see him up there, waltzing around the stage like he owned it (which he probably did) was enough. And, actually, I’m lying. Sorry! I’m not one for going up on the stage, truth be told. Although I have acted, oh yes indeed! I had a huge role in a P.T.A. murder mystery play a few years back. I bet you’re impressed.

Anyway, I digress. And I must not digress. Look into my eyes. I must not digress. Because, this blog post is about Derren Brown, who entertained me last night, although sadly he has asked I keep the evening’s events a secret. You know, between me and him – and 2000 others, who just happened to be there. So I can’t share anything with you; which I suppose makes this post a complete waste of time.

Except that, if you do get a chance to spend the evening with him, I strongly recommend it. As, quite frankly, his show, ENIGMA, is blummin’ FANTASTIC!

Details of his tour can be found HERE


Suzanne said...

I've just ordered his book - Tricks of the Mind. Hope it's as enjoyable as your night out obviosuly was.


Debs said...

Glad you had such a fab time.

Karen said...

I do find his act fascinating and would love to know how he does it, but I suppose that would take away the mystery! I wonder if the show will be on tv sometime?

Glad you enjoyed it though, and I'm intrigued about your acting career now :o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely Blog! I'm sure you must have had a great time!

Jarmara Falconer said...

Glad you had a great time...Sounds very interesting.


Sounds great. The floodlights are awaiting m'dear :) TFX

Amanda said...

Hi Suzanne, yes I’ve got that book – It’s really good! X

Thanks Debs :-)

Hiya Karen, yeah I would like to know how he does it too! I’m sure it will be on TV – I hope so x

Thanks MelRox :-)

Cheers Jarmara :-)

Hee hee, TF – Julia Roberts watch out x

Fionnuala Kearney said...

You CAN'T do that! Leaving us all in suspenders like that? x

Amanda said...

Hee hee, F, that made me laugh out loud! x

gaelikaa said...

I'm intrigued!

Carol said...

You are an evil woman!! You've just done the writing equivalent of showing me a big bar of chocolate and then telling me I can't have any!!!

Glad you had a good time :-)

C x

Helen P said...

I'm so envious, Mandy! I love Derren Brown, in fact he would be top of my list of people I'd love to interview. Can't you give us a tiny clue as to what went on? Just a taster...go on...I won't tell anyone either, I promise.

Amanda said...

:-) Gaelikaa

Thanks Carol x

He is wonderful isn't he, Helen
:-) and no clues, Derren would never forgive me. ;-)