Saturday, 6 June 2009

An Xtranormal Epidemic

Crumbs! What has our friend, Lane started?

They’re rampaging blogland! Yes, it’s the invasion of the Playmobile people!

They’ve been seen here, here, here and here – and that’s just what I’ve spotted as I've tried to catch them landing on blogs.

Oh, and, I must confess, a very sad example of these little people can be found here!

FANTASTIC! Go get your own HERE – You know you want to!


Lane said...

I refuse to take the blame. It was the little people:-)

ps, isn't the crinkly look in vogue? I think it is:-)

Amanda said...

You can't blame the little people, Lane - I know it was you!! Yes, the crinkly look is soooo in, well that's what I try to tell the family x

ChrisH said...

It was Lane wot done it... and highly, dangerously addictive and distracting it is too!!

Suzanne said...

I'm trying so hard not to get involved with this, but it's so tempting...