Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Where do I go from HERE?

HERE  I sit, saying,
Later, tomorrow, next week
HERE  I type words
Check emails, Facebook, Twitter
HERE  I’ll stay forever
Shackled by procrastination.

WHERE is a place I want to be
Dynamic, productive, proactive
WHERE is a place they say well done! Good job!
A place I sign and smile
WHERE is a place I’m heading now
Once I’m freed from procrastinate hell

I wrote that all by myself.  Just now – in five minutes flat.

Stop sniggering!

OK, OK - some of you may say I should stick to writing stories.  And you are probably right. Although I have got poetry in my blood – many of my family are very talented in the poetry department, I’ll have you know.

AND I wrote a poem when I studied for my degree that has now been accepted by a wonderful poetry magazine – Good Lord!  But more about that another time.

Why I’m blogging today is not to share my doggerel with you – but to share my ups and downs of the last few weeks.

My Novels

Well Eight Degrees came winging back from one of the two agents I sent it to.  The agent was very kind and gave me some feedback which included that my writing is fluent, which is nice – and she added some tips on how to improve the novel  - which was kind too.   Her main concern was she felt there were too many characters in the novel.  I had suspected that, I must admit. Although I have read many books with lots of characters - they are mainly by established authors.  Maybe a debut novelist should stick to the rules.   
Eight Degrees is still with another agent but I’m not holding my breath as I might die.

Part of me wonders if I’m barking up the wrong novel.   Five Men in a Box, after all, was read three times by Darley Anderson before they finally said no.  

Or maybe I should take all I’ve learnt and embark on a brand new novel.

Or maybe I could just check my Facebook.

Twitter anyone?

My Anthology

WELL, I have been proactive here.  Oh YES!  My anthology is almost edited, and my son’s working on the cover as we speak. Well he will be when he gets up. I have a title too which I'm rather happy with.  So not long now before I upload.  YIKES! Scary turnips!

Short Stories

I’ve had a rather good few weeks short story-wise. 

I’ll quickly move past the four rejections from Take a Break that the now black-eyed postman delivered last week, and tell you I sold my 50th story  – yes 50!  And then a week later I sold story 51!  WHOOP!  This is the last time I brag  announce my sales on here, as I’m getting on my own nerves, quite frankly.  But for those interested I do add them to my blog HERE.   I can't promise, however, not to post if I EVER crack Woman’s Weekly!

I had a rather nice week publication-wise last week too, with a story in The People’s Friend Special
And another in The Weekly News.

I must tell you that The Weekly News one was VERY topical – so I think it’s really worth aiming stories their way that are on subjects presently news-worthy.

Where do I go from here?

Well, to end on a poetic note:  If I let my dreams slip through my fingers – I only have one person to blame.  (I made that up too - which kind-of explains why it isnt very poetic at all!)

Ooh, and just to add: HERE's a link to The Richard and Judy 'Search for a Bestseller' competition - which I may just give a whirl!

Bye for now X


Wendy's Writing said...

51...whoop! A great week, Mandy. Ah, I was right about the FF cull last week - I had 3 rejections (isn't it great when we know we're not alone).

Amanda said...

It certainly is, Wendy! :-)

Karen said...

I love the poem! Wish I could write poetry.

And to focus on the positives, you've had a great week and have definitely been proactive. Something tells me writing's in your blood, and whatever happens you're going to keep on writing :o)

I have to go out to get anything done as Facebook etc. are such a big distraction!

Amanda said...

Awh, thank you, Karen :-)

You are right, I don't think I could give up if I tried. Although I still partly blame Paul Mckenna for that!


Patsy said...

Congratulations for all those.

Amanda said...

Thanks Patsy!