Friday, 30 August 2013

Make your own Twitter Video

I've been procrastinating, AGAIN, and just wanted to share with you the results of my procrastinating-itus this time.

I've made my VERY own Twitter Video.  HERE

I think, and I'm sure you'll agree after watching it, it might explain why I've only got 113, no wait.112 followers.

If you're on Twitter and fancy making one yourself to share on Facebook, Twitter and all other major online outlets, visit  HERE    (Do read the small print though.)


Wendy's Writing said...

It all looks very clever, Mandy but not being on Twitter, I haven't.a clue what it's about! I am stuck in the dark ages!

Sue Blackburn said...

Oh Mandy that does look clever. I'm not on Twitter or Facebook either though so I'm also, like Wendy, stuck in the dark ages. Very interesting video! Clever you! Good to know I'm not alone in procrastinating anyway :o) xx

Amanda said...

The dark ages are good, Wendy!

If I'm honest, it looks a lot cleverer than it is, Sue. :-) Good fun to do though - although I really should have been writing. :-)

Karen said...

Your post made me laugh :o) The video is a really good idea, I love it!

Amanda said...

Thank you, Karen X