Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Have yourself a very Miranda-ry Christmas

Well hello to you my old chums!

Did you get my Miranda-ry tone there?  Or my Amanda-ry tone, as it were.

So you may have noticed I’ve barely blogged this year – totally ashamed, especially as it’s been a pretty good one in a, what I call, writerly way.

‘So have you cracked Woman’s Weekly yet Amanda?’  


No, it’s okay.  It’s only Peggy from round the corner, dropping in for mince pies and a tiny glass of sherry.  She likes to keep abreast of my story sales.

‘Well,’ I say, munching on a pie. (They’re very nice.  Do help yourself!). ‘Thanks for asking, Peggy. But no, despite having such fun writing away, I have YET to crack Woman’s Weekly.’

‘So what have you achieved then?’ She’s pouring another sherry.  Cheeky!

‘Well, I sold 15 stories this year – more than I’ve ever sold in a year – and I’m teetering – *teetering* I like that word – at the edge of 40 sales.   Plus I was thrilled to crack the lovely People’s Friend.’

‘Awh, I love the lovely People’s Friend, and My Weekly is just fab.’

‘I had a couple of stories in there too.’

‘Showing off now, are we?’

‘And I had a few in Take a Break’s Fiction Feast earlier this year.’

‘Showing off now, are we?’

‘But I’m really, really excited because I’ve FINALLY finished my children’s novel – SUCH FUN!’

‘Ooh, tell me more.’  She’s pouring another sherry!

‘I will indeed tell you more.  In fact, I’m hoping to twitter on about it lots in 2013.  Not on twitter, as such – I get very confused on there – but on here.’

‘So what is it about?’

‘It’s about a little girl called Emily, and I’m very excited about it.’

'You said.' Peggy’s not really listening any more.  She's much more interested in the contents of the sherry bottle, so I'd best sign off!

Thanks for dropping by, and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant 2013.

Special thanks to the lovely Miranda Hart for lending tiny fragments of her voice for my post.  She doesn’t know – well I don’t know her funnily enough.  But I do LOVE her to bits, she’s right at the top of my candyfloss list.  (People I’d like to share a candyfloss with, obviously)   



Wendy's Writing said...

Hi Amanda. My first story sold to Woman's Weekly was published last week. I agree it was the hardest of the magazines to crack but it's very exciting when you do. P.S Miranda recently moved to my small town but I've yet to see her!

DAB said...

Have a grand Christmas Ms Allsorts and a Happy New Year too :-) TFxx

Blimey, I need to find my specs to read the comment moderation thingy and to prove I'm nit a robot! Now where did I put them? On you 'ead woman ;-)

Amanda said...

I get FAR TOO excited when I sell to any of the magazines, Wendy :-) My happy dance comes out of moth-balls each and every time! :-) I even added a few cartwheels when I sold to PF and TaB, and I may well try a back-flip if I EVER sell to Woman’s Weekly. How exciting that you live in the same town as Miranda! Hope you get to see her!

Hellowee TF! I hope you are keeping well. And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who loses my glasses on my head. :-) XX

Karen said...

Ooh that Peggy's a one. Such fun indeed! I hope she's left me a mince-pie.

Congratulations on a wonderfully productive writing year, and I predict big things for Emily in 2013 :o))

Happy Crimble xxxx

Teresa Ashby said...

What a lovely cheery post. Tis a mystery to me why Woman's Weekly haven't snapped you up.

Hope you have a lovely lovely Christmas and I look forward to hearing lots about Emily next year.

I'm on Twitter, but I'm a Twitter-twit and don't know what I'm doign there :-) xx

Anonymous said...

Well done Amanda, keep up the good work in 2013. Happy Christmas. Those mince pies look yummie. I love Miranda as well.

Amanda said...

Happy Crimble to you too, Karen! SO glad you’ve got SUCH faith in Emily XXXX

Have a lovely, lovely Christmas too Teresa:-)) (Love *Twitter-twit!* -maybe we should start a twitter-twit club!) XX

Happy Christmas, Susan – and thank you! Hope you have a great 2013 X

Flowerpot said...

Sounds like you've had a really great year Mandy - may 2013 be even better! xx

Amanda said...

Thank you, Sue - and the same to you XX

Kath said...

Sounds like you've had a fantastic year, Mandy. Let's you and I make what I call a New Year's resolution to crack Woman's Weekly in 2013. Surely if we absolutely bombard them they can't hold out forever! xx

Amanda said...

HA HA, Kath! Sounds like a great idea! - SUCH FUN! XX