Friday, 5 November 2010


Sorry to those who were kind enough to attempt to read my 'Short Story Posts' post. Sadly, there wasn't one. I was attempting to update my PAGES - and pressed Edit Posts instead of Edit Pages. I've told you before I can't be trusted on Blogger - and just proved my point!

I do have a little bit of short story news though - Liz Smith from My Weekly has emailed me to say my story, which they've renamed 'Last Straw', will be in the January 15th issue - I'm so excited! (Her news was nestled between two rejections - but I can totally live with that)

Have a great weekend everyone.


David said...

That's wonderful news Mandy!!! Huge congratulations. What a lovely way to start the weekend and (when it comes out) the new year!


DAB said...

Great news. Well done :))) TFx

Amanda said...

Thanks, David - yes it will be coming out just at the right time - something to combat those January blues. X

Thanks TF X said...


Colette McCormick said...

Boo for the rejections but Liz's email must have cheered you up.

Amanda said...

Thanks Madeleine. :-)

Hi Colette. Yes, Liz is probably one of the nicest editors EVER - she makes every email feel personal, and even her rejections are lovely.