Wednesday, 16 June 2010

An Award & A Sale

Crumbs, is it June already? So what's been 'appening?

Well, I’m almost there with the novel! Okay so you’ve heard that before! But it’s now printed off and covered in biro and I’m working through it and, and, and...I will get there one day!

Lately, though, I’ve been mainly having trouble with italics. When should we use them? For example would I use them if I said ‘The Radio Times’ ‘David Essex’ or ‘Cadbury’s Flake’? Answers on a postcard please!

Oooh, and I’ve FINALLY cracked The Weekly News. Oh YES! I’m so chuffed as I’ve had so many rejections from them - I’d even set up a separate hard-drive to house them all. I read on WOMAG's blog some time ago how lovely the editor, Jill Finley is – and I can vouch she really is! Guidelines for The Weekly News can also be found on Womag's blog

I’ve been to the BEAUTIFUL Halkidiki, and returned all refreshed and raring to WRITE. Actually, I wrote a little while I was away too. I also read Sue Moorcroft’s new book All That Malarkey and really loved it – a FAB holiday read, would really recommend.

The lovely David has passed on an award for little old me – thanks David. By the way if you haven’t ventured over to his FAB blog, do pay him a visit! I just hope, while accepting my award, nobody will stand in the background looking bored and showing their belly, because I hear Patrick Stewart can get a wee bit uppity.

Okay, apparently I have to tell you 10 things about me. Crumbs. I’m far too boring. But entering into the spirit here goes.

1. I’m obsessive but not compulsive.
2. I love travelling and I’ve been to many countries, but I didn’t fly until the year 2000! And before that I’d only been to France for the day.
3. I’m a born organiser. (see no.1)
4. I worked for six years as a School Secretary in a junior school. (see no. 3)
5. I love poppies.
6. I was accident prone as a child and pretty sickly.
7. My Granddad died in The Battle of Dunkirk
8. My favourite film is ‘Gone With The Wind’.
9. I left school with only a grade E ‘O’ Level in English and a C in Art!
10. I love to write – HA – bet you didn’t know that!

Told you it was BORING!

I’d like to pass this AWARD on to ...






Have a LOVELY day one and all.


Lane said...

Not boring at all. Quite the opposite in fact!

I don't know about italics. Aren't they just for emphasis? I'd be interested to find out so will have to check your postcards:-)

Anonymous said...

In my writing, I've used italics for two main purposes. The first is for emphasis, for example:

Joey: "Yes you do Chandler, you always talk like that."
Ross (mimicking Chandler): "The hills are alive with the sound... of music."

The other case, which is probably a bit unusual, is for dialogue where the other person is not actually present. For example, a radio conversation:

"Sierra Oscar receiving, over."
"Control here. Go ahead Sierra Oscar."
"No sign of the perp, over."
"Understood. Return to base. Over and out."

To be honest there's probably no need for the italics in the above case, but that's what I've done.

Well done on your TWN sale.

Old Kitty said...

Congratulations cracking the Weekly News!! Yay! When can we read your story? That'll be so fab!

And yay for your award!! Wonderful. I'm really touched by no. 7. There was a wonderful "drama-doc" on BBC2 about Dunkirk last year I think. And I have been to the war memorial and cemetary there too a few years back. Very very sobering.

Anyway! Great news about your WIP too!

take care

Becky said...

chuffed to get my first award and from you Mandy :-)
I don't know where Halkidikiis but it looks lovely :-)
Thanks for everything Mandy x


Italics! Buggered if I know ;-) Congratulations on The Weekly News and award m'dear :) TFx

jenny wilson said...

congratulations on the weekly news, I am going to have to start reading it for reasearch
I love gone with the wind as well!

Karen said...

LOVE the new look blog and thanks so much for the award :o))

Italics should be used for the title of a film or book, but not for the authors or actors and no italics are needed for brand names, if that helps.

Fantastic news about the sale - Jill is lovely even when she rejects!

Debs said...

Many congratulations on your sale, brilliant news.

I love poppies too, in fact I have a huge clump of them by our front door.

I was watching the documentaries about Dunkirk the other day, so sorry to hear your grandad died there. Brave men.

Flowerpot said...

great news Mandy - and I'd echo what Captn Black says re italics.

Colette McCormick said...

Congratulations on TWN - it's great to crack a new market.
I can't help you with the italics I'm afraid - I never really understood that one.
Great facts - not boring at all.
Thanks for the award.

gaelikaa said...

Dearest Mandy, many many thanks. I received this award earlier. I shall send you the link to the meme I did at the time and credit you as one of my nominators. Thank you very much.

Maria xxxx

PS Congrats on TWN. Fantastic!

Ellie said...

Congratulations on cracking The Weekly News! Do you know what issue it will be in yet?

I've always been too embarrassed to tell people I got grade C's in English and English Literature GCSEs. I've said it now. That feels better.

Carol said...

Not boring in the slightest my dear...loved em :-)

C x

Amanda said...

Awh, thanks, Lane x

Thanks Captain Black. Great tips for the italics!

Awh thanks Old Kitty. And you’re right about Dunkirk – I can’t watch anything about it without feeling totally humbled.

Yay, glad you’re chuffed Becky. :-) Halkidiki’s in Greece – It’s the three fingers at the bottom – Very beautiful.

HA HA, TF! :-)

Thanks you Jenny – I found copies of The Weekly News hard to find at first, but found they sell them at Tescos.

Thanks Karen, I was right though there are a few others about – and it doesn’t look like you can change back to the old format, once you’ve changed. Although that could just be me. Thanks for the italic tips – I will implement them!

FANX Debs :-) Your comments about my granddad made me quite chocked – thank you.

Thank you, FP :-)

My pleasure, Maria x

Thank you, Ellie – Jill has said (ooh I sound like I’m name dropping – yikes) that she can’t say what issue it will be in yet – but I will be sure and say when I know. I’m very keen to prove that even if you leave school with few qualifications it’s never too late!

Awh, thank you, Carol – you is lubbly x

Suzanne Jones said...

2 X Congratulations on the sale and the award, Mandy. Terrific answers.


Amanda said...

Thanks, Suz x

gaelikaa said...

I have another award for you over at mine! Here is the link-


Diane said...

Congratulations on cracking a new market - and thanks for the links.

Loving the new look of the blog, but I can't see the links against the main body. Sorry, not being precious, and if it's only me and/or intentional, then I take it back. Green and yellow is my favourite combination, though. :o)

Amanda said...

Thank you, Diane :-)

And thanks for spotting my deliberate mistake - HA! Think it's sorted now.

penandpaints said...

Congratulations on the award and for The Weekly News!! Yay!
(Just had my first acceptance from Jill too!)
I also got a C in Art for GCSE :)

Amanda said...

YAY, P & P - that's FANTASTIC news! x

Flowerpot said...

well done for the new market Mandy - yay!

Amanda said...

Thank you, FP x

LilyS said...

Congrats on the award and the sale. Some great answers. I love GWTW!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Lily :-)

womagwriter said...

Congrats on your TWN acceptance! May there be many more. Well done too on getting the novel submission-ready.

Amanda said...

Thank you, Womag :-)