Friday, 30 April 2010

Peter Kay The Tour That Doesn’t Tour, Tour.

What is it about Peter Kay that makes us feel, even in a crowd of over 20,000, he’s only talking to us?

‘He must have been sitting in my living room or hiding in the dresser, to know so many anecdotes about MY life?’ I thought, as I watched him.

Oh, yes, did I not say? I’ve only been and seen him live! Oh YES indeedy! And before I go any further, I must tell you he was blummin’ brilliant!

So how did it happen? How did I find myself perched in the eaves of Manchester Evening News Arena, last night? Well I’ll tell you... and most of it is TRUE!

It began when Peter announced,‘I’m doing a tour, that doesn’t tour’ at Manchester Evening News Arena. Now I’d been a member of his website since he first mentioned garlic bread, so I was sent an email telling me I could buy a ticket three hours before they go live. I didn’t consider Manchester is three hours away from where I live, but what’s six hours in a car compared to seeing the best comedian of all time - LIVE!? So I booked! Got tickets! YAY! And then he announced other venues, other dates...oh God, there were venues in London, just down the road. Still, I thought, I’ve got a ticket – mustn’t complain!

So the day arrived. 29th April 2010. And we set off. Nan sat in back clutching her multi-pack of Curly Wurlys for the break, a smile bigger than a Cheshire Cat that she was going to see her idol. No, not Peter – Rick Astley, she’d loved him since, ‘Never going to give you up,’ played at her aerobics class in 1987. That was before she had all that trouble with her hip.

Anyway, we set off at 2 p.m. ‘Should be there by six, latest,’ said my hubby, munching on a Wagon Wheel. (There not as big as they once were, are they?’)
It was about 6 p.m. his eyes took on that demon look he gets, letting us all know he’ll kill anyone who says. ‘We’re not going to get there on time, are we?’

But we did! Get there, I mean. One oil spill on the road, twelve traffic jams, a torrential downpour that made visibility horrendous and our youngest asking ‘are we there yet’ on repeat, we arrived five and half hours later. FRAZZLED. Nan jumped from the car, bursting for a wee, and we eventually arrived in our seats just in time to hear Rick Astley melodically telling us he hadn't given up on us.

How, after all of that, Peter Kay managed to make hubby cry with laughter, is beyond me. I was in absolute stitches too, of course – as were the whole audience!

So, if you haven’t got a ticket – and there are any still out there – I’d recommend you get one a.s.a.p!

Keep up the good work, our Peter – you are a little ray of sunshine!


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Glad you had such fun. Peter Kay is a brilliant comedian and always makes me laugh. My son and his friends are planning to see him sometime soon I think.

penandpaints said...

HaHa, I love Peter Kay, he's so funny, it's painful. Watched a dvd a few years back with the kids, I think it was his blackpool one, kids were doing 'put big light on' for ages! Your description of your journey is hilarious!
And Wagon Wheels, I know, they have definately shrunk!
Glad you all enjoyed it. The show, not the wagon wheel) x

Karen said...

Reading that made me laugh!

So glad you had a lovely time, despite the looooong journey :o))

Becky said...

He's brilliant isn't he. My cousin was also there, and she said she realy enjoyed Rick Astley too.

Unknown said...

Isn't he wonderful? I always think he must be sitting in our house - how else can he know so much about me? Brilliant comedian. He only has to say 'put the big light on' and I weep with laughter. :o)

I've got tickets to see him but not for ages yet. :o(

Glad you had a good time.

Milton said...

Yep, wagon wheels are like 10 pence pieces these days. Love the bit about Nan clutching her bag of curly wurlies in the car :)

Milt x

Old Kitty said...

You lucky thing for seeing Peter Kay live!!

He is sublime and so funny!!

Wagon wheels, Curly wurlys, Rick Astley - what are you people - stuck in the 80's?!?! Awwww but Rick Astley is a god and proper wagon wheels with curly wurlys - yum, yum ,yum!

The only problem is now I've got "never gonna give you up" ringing in my head..!

Take care

David said...

That sounds like a proper adventure Mandy....I could feel your pain when you wrote you thought you might not make it with all the traffic chaos. Eek!

It was a good idea to see him in Manchester. Bet he got a huge welcome there.

You're so right though. When he talks you do feel that he's talking just to you. I wonder if it's something to do with those little details in his humour that we all recognise...

What a funny man he is!

HelenMWalters said...

Glad you had such a good time.

Cheryl said...


Glad you enjoyed it - he is sooooo funny but sadly the tickets were a bit too pricey for moi. I'll have to wait to get it on vd

Talli Roland said...

He's great, isn't he? Love him! Glad you made it there alright.

(And yes, Wagon Wheels are nothing compared to what they used to be!)

Amanda said...

Hi Debs – yes he is fab, isn’t he? Hope your son enjoys as much as we did.

Hi P&P – He is amazing. We’ve got that DVD too – watched so many times and still laugh!

Thanks Karen :-))

Yes, Becky – I think Rick Astley is going to be bigger. He’s kind of grown into himself!

I know, Shirley, or ‘it’s that fine rain that soaks you through’ :-) Hope you have a great time when you go – but then I know you will!

They are Milt! All chocolates have shrunk though – or have I got bigger?

It’s cool being here in the 80s, Old Kitty! ;-)) I know, I’ve been singing ‘never gonna give you up too!’ :-)

Yes, David – it was a marathon journey – short story material (you’ll probably spot mine this fortnight!) Yes, he got a great welcome and a standing ovation.

Thanks Helen :-)

LOL, Lily! Enjoy the VD! HA!!

Hi Talli! Yes, he’s the best! They should give him a knighthood, methinks!

Carol said...

He is absolutely hillarious and comes across as such a nice guy too!! I am most jealous that you've seen him live!!

I'm so glad you made it in time (and I bet your Nan is too :-D)

C x

Ps. Was very dissapointed the last time I had a wagon was tiny!!

Maria said...

Wow, that sounds like fun. There's nothing like having a good laugh, is there? :)

Amanda said...

He was brill, Carol - I just saw his latest John Smiths' advert and curled up laughing! X

It's a great tonic Gaelikaa! X

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Sorry, arriving late.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, it's always wonderful when something you've looked forward to lives up to expectations.

I had a similar experience with ticket booking - the very first Dancing on Ice tour. They weren't coming anywhere near us, so booked for Wembley only to find a late date announced in GLASGOW (and we could have had much better seats). But we enjoyed it, though. I've sat tight every year since and, of course, they haven't been near Scotland again.


DAB said...

Oh, he sounds like my kind of man! Cuddly with a SOH :-)

Amanda said...

Yes, you're right, Suzanne - It's easy to build something up and then be disappointed - so nice to have it the other way round. How great seeing Dancing on Ice! x

He is jolly lovely, TF! x

DJ Kirkby said...

5 1/2 hours? OMG! You all deserved a good laugh after that!!!!!!

Amanda said...

I certainly did, DJ :-)