Friday, 19 March 2010

Quick March

Oh my Goodness, is it really the middle of March?

So what's been happening? Well, I’ve had a few bits of exciting news over the last few weeks. I sold another short story to That's Life Australia, plus two articles (well one's not fully sold yet, but being held for publication, which is a good sign methinks) So that brings my successes to a grand total of 10 – OH YES - double figures! Who’d have thought it, aye? Well certainly not me! (I won't tell you how many rejections I've had - suffice to say though, it's FAR more than 10)

I’ve been working endlessly on NOVEL 1 – cutting gazillions of words and adding new BIG characters, as suggested by the agent - and I think I’m getting there - perhaps - maybe. At the mo, I’m hovering around 45,000 words, but I do have a plan – so that’s good - yes!?

The writing groups I’m part of - Get It Write and Womag 2 Weekly are both going well – we’ve had a success in each camp, and the writing there is absolutely brilliant. I’m so enjoying being part of it all and getting to know such lovely writers.

Now, one thing I’ve been thinking about during the last few weeks is Show Don’t Tell - yes that old chestnut.

I can see: ‘Mick felt happy’ is telling.
I can see: 'Mick laughed, waving his hands above his head' is showing.
But how about: 'Mick laughed, waving his hands above his head. He wanted to grab her in his arms...'
This confuses me a little. Is the first half showing and the second telling? And if so, how would you show the second half? Answers on a postcard please! Gawd, I’m sure I think too much!

Have a great weekend!


Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

I think the first sentence, 'Mick felt happy,' is you, the author telling us Mick is feeling happy.

In the second sentence Mick is telling us he feels happy. It's all 'show.' Great stuff.

IMVHO m'dear.

Jenny Beattie said...

Thanks for raising this Amanda. I shall come back and check out any later answers.

Carol said...

That question made my head hurt!! I have no idea how you writers do it!!

Well done on your 10 published articles...that's fab!! We all knew you would do brilliantly :-)

C x

Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

Oops, forgot to add that the second is 'show' as long as you are writing the piece with Rick as MC.

DAB said...

Keep up the good work Ms Allsorts :) TFx

Karen said...

Wow 10 - that's impressive! Plenty more to come I'm sure :o)

Weirdly I've just done a similarish post, relating to show and tell - it's quite confusing, but I think Fia's right. Both the 2nd instances are showing.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Congratulations on all those sales. So impressive.

Colette McCormick said...

Massive congratulations on reaching double figures.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Congratulaions X 10.


Amanda said...

Sounds spot on to me, Fia - thanks!

My pleasure JJ :-)

Ha – mine too, Carol, and thank you. x

I keep striving, TF :-) x

Thanks, Karen. I’ll pop over to yours and have a read! How spooky is that, that we wrote similar posts!?

Thank you Debs!

Thank you Colette, I remember posting 'manically' about my first sale and thinking I would never be able to achieve it again - so quite shocked I've reached double figures!

Thanks Suzanne XX

Paula RC said...

Well done you! What a score 10!

Good luck with your novel too

HelenMWalters said...

Well done on all your successes so far. Onwards and upwards!

Flowerpot said...

Well done Mandy - that's great work - hooray!! I think the second one is fine because it's from Mick's POV, but interested to know what others think.

Amanda said...

Thanks Jarmara :-)

Thanks Helen - right back at ya!

Thanks Sue! Yes I think you're right - And of course, you don't have to show everything, anyway - I guess it's getting the balance right.

DJ Kirkby said...

You are doing so well! You've got an agent? Even better :)

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the double figures!

There's an award for you over at my blog btw

Amanda said...

Awh, thanks Lily x