Friday, 22 January 2010

Please, please remind me why I write again...

I guess you can tell it’s all a bit gloomy here at ‘Chez Amanda.’ Yes, I’ve heard back from the lovely agent who I sent my whole MS to, but it's a ‘thank you, but no thank you.’

As ‘thank yous, but no thank yous’ go – it was a lovely no thank you, but still a no thank you.

She said some lovely things about my writing, my ideas, and enclosed a three page reader's report on how I can improve my novel - which was something she didn't have to do.

Although I’m feeling a little deflated (seems to be a trend of mine) I will pick myself up – dust myself down - and feel GREAT that I’ve got this far – Oh yes I will. And I’m relieved I only sent it out to the one agent as I can now improve it before I send it again – YES? No? Well maybe.

Onwards and upwards – the sun will come out tomorrow – and all that jazz!


Pat Posner said...

There are some really good things there, though, and they'll mean a lot to you when the mourning time is over.


Cathy said...

Big hugs,Mandy.

But I agree there are lots of positives there, especially getting a reader's report and all the lovely comments. Now you can work on her suggestions and get it back out there to another agent.


Debs said...

Hugs to you.x

Horrible news, but on the bright side, the fact that she's giving you so much in a report is a definate positive. Definately get it back out there.

PS there's a book giveaway on my blog, why not have a look.x

Kate Harrison said...

Really sorry to hear it didn't work out with this agent - but there are plenty more fish in the sea. Lots of treats called for, it's always rough when you get a rejection, and then next week, take another look at the report, and get yourself a strategy! I always feel better when I have a strategy...

Kate xx

Becky said...

I agree so much that the readers report really is a good sign. It shows your work has a lot of potential, otherwise the reader would not have spent any time on it and sent it straight back. This is progress, not a have got constructive feedback. Your drive and enthusiasm will shine through again and carry you forwards.

Amanda said...

Hello Pat – good to see you here and thank you xx

Thanks Cathy – Yes, I think that’s exactly what I will do x

Thank you Debs – I’ll be right over to yours! X

Yes, so do I Kate – and I think you are right, I’ll wait for the dust to settle and then decide what’s next! X

Awh, I hope so Becky - Thanks x

JJ Beattie said...

I'm sorry you feel down... there are - as you pointed out - lots of positives but not the one you hoped for.

Be kind to yourself until you feel okay about checking out the report and going over the words again.

Big hugs.

Carol said...

So it wasn't right for her...but it will be right for someone!! The fact that she's sent a readers report is a very good sign...shows that she thinks you have talent!

Like everyone else has said, be good to yourself till you feel stronger again and then reach for the report.

C x

Old Kitty said...


Onwards and upwards! Your novel WILL find a home and it'll be an even better home.

Good luck and take care.


Suzanne Jones said...

Hugs, Mandy. But this is just one agent and they sent you a very helpful response even if it wasn't quite the one we were hoping for - and that is a very big positive. I agree with Old Kitty, your book will find a home.

Sending cyber chocs.



Firstly, (((( HUGS)))))

Secondly, OK, I'm NOT an expert on this writing marlarkay BUT we won't let that stop me from having an opinion now will we ;-)

Right, Ms Allsorts, dust yourself down, raise your 'ead up high, stick your chest out and start climbing that ruddy mountain again. Best foot forward. You may stumble along the way BUT .....

DO YOU HEAR ME! You've TALENT! which wil shine through to dazzle those agents, forcing them to remove their blinkers and see the light.

So keep plodding. One step at a time. Take your time, it's not a race but a journey :-) TFx

L-Plate Author said...

Aw honey! What a shame. But what a good opportunity to have another peek at it before sending it out again. That was kind of her to do a readers report for you. Although they are one person's point of view, they're worth their weight in gold when you are desperate for another opinion.

Have a rant, have some chocolate and keep on keeping on.xx

Jarmara Falconer said...

Sorry Amanda Why are you asking such a silly question? Why are you doing this, setting yourself up for a rejection! You know why, it's because, You're a writer! It's all part of the challenge. Where would the fun be if it was dead simple.

You know a faint heart never wins. So, young lady pick yourself up and start hitting those keys again.

David said...

Like the others said it must have had real potential or they wouldn't have invested in a reader's report. I predict that a year from now the agent will be having a JK Rowling moment - she'll be kicking herself that she was the agent that let it slip through her fingers.

Amanda said...

Thank you so much, JJ – I think it is easy to lose sight of the positives when your dream bubble is popped. But I feel more upbeat about it today although still not really sure what my next step is.

I hope so, Carol and thank you :-)

Thanks Old Kitty, very much appreciated. :-)

Yummy – cyber chocs – just what the doctor ordered Suzanne :-)

TF – You are so lovely – Thank you!

Yes, LP that’s really is true – and you know when it was away I sort of wanted it back to have just one more look – got my wish didn’t I? HA!

Ha ha, Jarmara – That’s true – and after knock backs the prize is so much sweeter – YES?

Ooh, I hope your prediction comes true David – wouldn’t that be FAB!?


DJ Kirkby said...

Oh how soul destroying after being asked for the full MS! Did she say she'd like to see it again after you'd applied her suggestions? It sounds like a very good "no thank you" (yes there is such thing, Stephen King had hundreds of rejections) and I would advise you to amke the changes she suggests IF you think they are good suggestions and then get it out to some other agency! Seriously now I mean it.

Flowerpot said...

I'm so sorry Mandy, but having been there myself, several times, it is incredible progress. Getting that sort of response is BRILLIANT - plus a 3 page report oin how to improve it really means she is taking you seriously. Take this as a plus, not a minus. Big hugs though - I knkow just how you feelxxx

Colette McCormick said...

It is bad news at the moment and there's no dressing it upp as anything else but they did not have to take the time to send you the three page report on how to improve your novel and that is GOOd news. The book obviously has potential.
Fingers crossed for next time.

HelenMHunt said...

Sorry you've had such a big disappointment, but as everyone else has said, there is a huge amount to be positive about there. We'll all be cheering you on as you get it ready to go out again x

Amanda said...

Hi DJ - She didn’t say she would like to see it again, but then she didn’t say she didn’t want to see it again – if that makes sense.
And yes you are right SK did have lots of rejections – we just have to keep battling on don’t we! X

I know how you must have felt now, FP – it’s a double edged sword really, isn’t it! But you are right, I am being taken seriously – both of us are! - We will get there – YES! x

Thanks so much, Colette x

Awh, thanks Helen – the support and encouragement of such lovely blogging friends is what keeps me going x

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

Hi Amanda, I just found your blog through... oh, I don't remember. I'm sorry that it didn't work out with this agent but the feedback must be a good sign rather than an outright rejection. I've become an accidental author - interviewed by journalist in France, he loved my blog, passed it to an agent who signed me up to make it into a book. I think I've had it FAR too easy so no doubt many disappointments to come. Very best of luck. It will happen.

LilyS said...

Think of all those agents who rejected even the best books that have been published! You're a great writer and if the agent didnt think it was worth subbing again she wouldn't have sent the report to you. Good luck for the next sub :)

Oh and at least you now have an excuse to indulge in some choc time :)

Amanda said...

Hi Previously (Very) Lost in France - Great to see you here and thank you. Sounds brilliant what happened to you. I'll be over to your blog shortly to have a nose :-)!

Hi Lily and thanks so much! I've eaten so many chocs it's given me acne ;-))