Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Head's In A Whirl

My head's in whirl. It’s my novel you see. Granted, I’ve never got this far before, and God knows I’ve tried.

I’ve written 29,500 words, that almost make sense. Something of a precedent.

The problem is, my novel has so many layers, like a sky high, creamy, chocolate cake. And frankly, I’m getting myself confused.

So, in the middle of last night I plotted a neat ending for every character. It’s a chick-lit style book, so no loose ends allowed. But now I’m looking at the jumble of words I wrote, and can’t make head nor tale of them.

Perhaps I’ve got too many characters, and too many layers, and I’m eating too much cake. I don’t know?

Anyway, to solve this, I've decided to add yet another character called Anton. (Aunt Marilyn’s toy boy) - Yes, you heard it here first. And Anton's going to tie it all together nicely. Aren't you Anton?

Crumbs.... will I ever get there?

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