Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Okay, I know I’ve probably out stayed my welcome with posts about raising money for Cancer Research by blogging my novels. So this is the last one, I promise-ish.  I honestly, truly, will be posting about other writerly things very soon!  I have plans. Lots of plans.

But I just wanted to do one more plug, to say both novels are now up in their entirety, if you fancied having a read.

THE COLD - a suspense novel with a twist....

Isla Johnson survived an attack by serial killer Carl Jeffery six years ago, which left her psychologically damaged at the time.

Now, after being happy with Jack for three years, things have taken a turn.  An odd university reunion arranged by her first boyfriend; sightings of someone dressed like Carl Jeffery; and who is the mysterious Andy?   Is Isla in danger, or is she losing her mind?

You can read the novel by clicking HERE 

PHOTOTIME – a magical, humorous journey into manhood.

At the age of 23, Isaac’s dad has died, his mum has disappeared in Australia, and he's fallen in love.

He meets Cillian, a man in his fifties, who is on a quest of his own to find his long lost brother.

Cillian teaches Isaac about Phototime – a way of visiting the five minutes after a photograph was taken – and the unlikely pair set out on a comical, magical adventure that takes Isaac on a journey into manhood.

You can start reading the novel by clicking HERE

You are very welcome to read for free, but if you read and enjoy (or even if you don’t J) and would like to donate £2 to Cancer Research that would be blummin’ marvellous.   My Just Giving page can be found HERE or on the novel blogs.

Thank you to all who have already given, and to those who have been so brilliantly promoting my venture. You are ALL fantastic.As the post title suggests, I’ve already raised £277 so far, which is brilliant. WHOOP!

And thank you to Helen who invited me to guest post on her blog HERE and Maria who invited me to guest post HERE and Teresa who shared my venture HERE.  I very much appreciate your help, ladies, THANK YOU.

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