Thursday, 12 January 2017

PHOTOTIME by AJ Brittany

I've decided to blog my novel, Phototime on a cozy, shiny-new blog, that I've set up HERE - in the hope to raise funds for Cancer Research, and you are SO welcome to visit.   

I completed Phototime…a comedy, fantasy, that I had so much fun writing, in early 2016. It was lucky enough to be seen by two publishers, who said nice things about it. 

But sadly it never happened. My balloon of hope burst, and I felt pretty deflated, I can tell you. 

So, I'm putting the whole book, a chapter a week, on my shiny new Phototime blog.

The first chapter is already up *gulps*, and I’ll put a taster on here each time I publish a new chapter.

I’m quaking at the thought of it, and have got everything crossed that if you decide to pop over (thank you so much if you do), you enjoy it. 


Karen said...

Well done for taking the plunge, I hope it gets lots of reads :o)

Amanda said...

Thanks, Karen. I'd be delighted a few people read and enjoyed it. :-)