Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Turning my short stories into an anthology

No I haven't!  Turned my short stories into an anthology, I mean.  But I have been thinking about it.

I know, I know, it's not the same thing at all.  And, yes, I can hear you muttering about me doing a lot of thinking about Kindle, and not a lot of doing.  

But I have an excuse why I haven't uploaded my local history book, as the images are proving to be a bit of a nightmare. And my novel; well I’m searching my cupboards for a jar of confidence as we speak.

My stories, however, have already been given the green light by many wonderful magazines, so I don't need so many spoonfuls of confidence as I do with my novel. I actually feel I may go for it, particularly as I know my mum and Aunt Doris will buy a copy.

And, like an good omen, Cally Taylor has posted a great post on Womagwriter’s blog HERE, about uploading a short story anthology, so I have no excuse not to. Not a single-ly one.

And, many short story writers have paved the way for me, by already taking the plunge successfully.

Here are just a teeny, tiny few.  But there are SO many more wonderful anthologies out there to be snapped up.  Why not trundle over to Amazon and track them down?  


Wendy's Writing said...

I also read Cally's great blog on womagwriters. I keep saying that I'll have a go now I have a lot of published stories to choose from but it's making the time for it, isn't it? (and I'm not very good with technology)I think you should do it, Mandy, and then that might push me to do it too!

Susan Wright said...

Ooh, thanks so much for mentioning my anthology, Mandy!
I'm a complete technophobe, so I was very happy that alfie dog published my stories for me, but I'm sure you could sort out how to do it - and I'll buy a copy, I promise.
Looking forward to it, in fact, because I really enjoy your stories!

Amanda said...

Yes, it's quite a time-consuming venture, isn't it Wendy? I'm getting quite enthusiastic and just picked out some stories - so watch this space.

My pleasure, Sue. :-) And thank you for the vote of confidence!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Thank you so much for the mention, Mandy :0)

Hurry up and get your anthology published - like Sue I'll be buying a copy and I can't wait to read it :0)


Patsy said...

Good luck with it.

Amanda said...

Thank you, Suz - and you're very welcome. :-) XX

Thank you, Patsy :-)

Teresa Ashby said...

Ooh good luck, Mandy - and thank you for the mention. I shall definitely buy it too :-) x

Amanda said...

My pleasure, Teresa, and thank you. I've now asked my son to design a cover - so one step closer.... :-) X

Sue Blackburn said...

Your mum, Aunt Doris and me + lots of others I am sure!!

Good luck with it :o) xx

Amanda said...

Ha ha, thanks, Sue ... Actually, I've just realised my mum and Aunt Doris haven't got a Kindle. False promises from both, methinks! :o) X

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Amanda .. yes writing the anthology would be really interesting.

Somewhere yesterday I saw a note (I don't think it was an ad as such) on a bloggers blog .. for someone who does ebooks with pictures - they obviously specialise in it .. if I spot it - I'll let you know: I've made a note?!

Cheers Hilary

Amanda said...

Thank you, Hilary :-)